Ishqbaaz 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which all people are coming in the hall room where Shivaay brings buffalo. Rudra, Shakti, and all other people are coming there. Rudra asks Shakti that how could Shivaay bhaiya bring this black KOW. Shakti laughs and replies that. this is not KOW, this is cow. Rudra says oh yes. Dadi asks Shivaay what happened? Shivaay says I brought this buffalo only for Anika just to bring her memory back. Shivaay says to Anika that do you remember something?

Anika replies that you brought buffalo for me. Shivaay says that our past is connected with this buffalo and her dung. Anika gets shocked and replies that I am alright but I can’t remember anything. Shivaay says her to throw this dung on him. Anika says how can I throw this dung on my husband? How? Shivaay says you already did this, you just repeat it now. Anika says ok. She throws a dung on him but Shivaay gets aside and saves himself from dung.

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He is going near to Anika and asks are you ok? Do you remember something? Do you get you memory back?Anika says no. She says sorry to buffalo and then goes away from there. In between, she meets Tia and asks are you alright? Tia replies yes I am alright but what happened to me? Anika says you were missing someone last night? Tia says no. Anika says maybe you were missing Dushyant last night. Tia is trying to divert Anika’s mind. Here all family members are coming to know that Soumya left home.

Ishqbaaz 13th February 2017 Written Update:

Shivaay asks Rudra what happened? Do you know something about her? Rudra says no, I don’t know about her. Suddenly, Shivaay gets a letter in which Soumya wrote if she is responsible for all the problems then I left home. Maybe it’s good for your life. Shivaay gets angry to see this letter. He scolds Rudra for this. So that Rudra is making a call to so many people but he doesn’t get any clue about Soumya. All people are getting tensed to think about Soumya. Anika asks Rudra why she left home? Rudra says what can I say you bhabhi?

Anika is giving an emotional support to all people by saying that if we don’t get a solution of our big problems then we have to look after the small issues. Shivaay says bade papa is not picking the call, Omkara is outside the home for earning money, Jhanvi maa is suffering with high fever, and here Soumya left home. Dadi gets tensed and says that her family is getting to break down very badly. Anika says that Tia’s problem is small. Today I will bring Tia and Dushyant together. Tia gets shocked very badly. Svetlana says to Tia that why are you getting scared. Dushyant is dead then how will take his call. Don’t you worry about anyone.

Anika and Tia are in the hall room. Tia is looking upset. Shivaay and all family members are also coming there. Shivaay asks Tia what happened? Tia replies that nothing, I am alright. Anika comes there and says that I know why is she getting upset? Shivaay asks what? Anika says she is missing someone. Let me call him. Shivaay asks Tia that what is Anika saying all this? Tia is making an excuse but Anika says that she is missing Dushyant.

Ishqbaaz 13th February 2017 Written Episode

Anika says that Tia is getting alone and nobody is thinking about Tia. So it’s our duty to think about her. Anika snatches Tia’s phone from her hand. Tia gets hyper and says to Anika that what are you doing this? Why are you taking my phone? Stop this drama. Anika says that why are you getting scared, if you love someone then you have to confess your love in front of everyone to Dushyant. I know you are missing him very badly. Shakti asks Tia that what is this? What is going on? Tia replies that nothing Shakti uncle, everything is alright. Don’t know, what is Anika saying all this? Anika says you just talk to your love once and then your mood gets happy.

Anika makes a call via Tia’s phone. One boy picks up the call and says yes Tia. Everybody gets shocked very badly.

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