Ishqbaaz 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

The serial Ishqbaaz 13 October 2017, the show starts with the scene in which Shivaay aka Nakuul Mehta says that I have to find out that person who have spoken Shukla last time before his injury. He is watching the function footage video but he is not getting any clue. Shivaay is getting restless to see the footage. He thinks that how will he resolve this matter because everything is getting mess up. Suddenly, he sees Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi, and Pinky are talking to each other.

 Tej is making a call to someone and says that Shukla is in Coma. Pinky blames Tej for all of this. Jhanvi says to Pinky to stop this blame game now because everyone is equally involved in this matter.  Tej Oberoi says that Shukla was doing wrong because he didn’t destroy the videos properly. So that we have to go to Goa as soon as possible to finish this problem forever. Shivaay hears their conversation. Actually, Tej sees Shivaay by hearing their conversation.

Later Shivaay thinks that it means my family member was involved in Kalyani Mills attack and that’s why they are trying to finish this matter. All of sudden, he thinks that he must have to go there and check out what are they doing there?

Ishqbaaz 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

In the morning time, Shivaay is packing his bag and then makes a call to Khanna to say something to him. Suddenly, Anika is coming there and catching Shivaay’s hand to stop him. Shivaay shouts on her by saying that why don’t you call me before to come here. Anika says that it’s my room and that’s why I have no need to ask anyone before to come here. Shivaay says if Tanya sees you before to come here then she creates a big mess in my life.  Anika says that Tanya is already creating a lot of mess in my life because she was showing a lot of tashan in the party by becoming your wife. Shivaay says her not to waste your time or energy on her. Anika says yes, she affects me. Shivaay says her that I am getting late now. Anika asks where are you going now? Shivaay says that I am going for doing some urgent work and I can’t tell you because there will be a danger and I won’t put your life is in danger. Anika stops him and starts to dance on the song that is,”Jata Kahan Hai Diwane, Sab Kuch Yahan Hain Sanam, Baki Ke Saare Fasane Jhute Hain Sanam.”

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Now the Shivaay is coming on the dining table and starts to eat the breakfast along with Dadi. Dadi says that I have so many members of my family and after that nobody is coming here. Even though, Anika is also missing from here. Suddenly, Anika is coming there and says that I am roaming behind your grandson but he is not ready to tell me about his plan like where is he going this time? Even though I am trying to make him happy but he is not ready to listen to even a single word. Dadi asks her to do a breakfast now. Anika says that how can I do a breakfast because Shivaay is not talking to me. I will eat food whenever he will talk to me.

Ishqbaaz 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

Here Rudra wakes up and makes a call to Bhavya. She is doing her exercises and then picks up his phone. Rudra asks her why didn’t she come here for the duty? Bhavya says that how can I come here so early? Rudra says her to come now by taking pancakes and chocolates for me. Bhavya asks what? Are you ready to eat all of these items? Don’t you take protein in the morning? Rudra says that don’t you try to become personal with me because I am your boss. Even I am not Rudi, I am Rudra Singh Oberoi. Bhavya says ok. Rudra says that you have to come here within 20 minutes. Bhavya says ok. Rudra is coming in the hall room but he doesn’t see anybody there. After some time, Dadi is coming there and she is also busy on her phone. Rudra shouts and asks where are all people? Dadi replies that all people are busy int heir important work. Rudra says that what is this? Everyone is doing work? Don’t they have any other work to do? Here Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi, and Pinky are going outside in a hurry. Jhanvi says that I don’t believe that we are doing this. Tej says that we are under pressure to do this.

Here Shivaay is coming outside and he is all set to leave for Goa. He checks out his car because he knows Anika’s nature that she can’t sit silently. Here Anika wears a Burkhah and then say bye to Dadi. Dadi says best of luck to her and says her to take care of herself. Anika says ok Dadi. Here Gauri is making a list of items whatever she required in the marriage. Omkara is coming there. Gauri calls him as Omkara. He gets shocked and then checks out his pagdi. He asks Gauri that who is Omkara? Gauri says him to leave this matter now. Omkara sits there and starts to talk to her. Here Tanya sees when Shivaay leaves the home. She thinks that where is Shivaay going now? She must have to find out everything now.

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