Ishqbaaz 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Pinky says to Shivaay that you break my confidence which I am having on you. You have broken everything by doing all this with this innocent girl Anika. All over, Pinky scolds Shivaay very badly and goes from there. Dadi already goes from there without responding him a single word. Om and Rudra are also going from there.

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Shivaay is recalling Sahil’s words that why he was hurting Anika very badly. After that, he is thinking about Dadi and Pinky’s words that how bad he is and he is not a good boy. All people were scolding him very badly and he was standing there silent. Even his father was defaming him by saying that you are such a bad guy who never thinks about anyone.

Here Saahil is crying a lot. Anika says that good children never get to cry. He says that I am not a good boy because I am responsible for your condition because yoi got married to Shivaay only because of me. Even I am feeling helpless this time and not able to help you out from this bad condition. Anika says thatr mistake has done by anyone in the life. Now you may go to sleep because tomorrow will be your first day boarding school.

Ishqbaaz 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Here Rudra and Om are talking to each other about the situation. Rudra says that I am in shock to think about Shivaay bhaiya’s behavior. I never imagine that how he did this with Anika. Om says that he was using so many big words but he was doing a very small work with an innocent Anika. Even she is so helpless that time when Bhaiya was blackmailing him. .’

Shivaay is going behind OM and Rudra. But when is trying to talk to them but they are not ready to reply or talk to him. They are going from there. Shivaay feels so bad and he is coming near to the swimming pool. A song plays on,’Hume Chodkar Tum Kahan, Khafaa Hoke Gumm Hogye Ho.’ Shivaay is crying a lot. Anika is looking at him and feels so bad to see him emotional. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 13th December 2016 written update

In the night, all people are coming on the dining table for the dinner. Dadi says that you called Om Ru Shivaay or not? Pinky replies yes I called them. Suddenly, Anika is coming there and takes a water glass. Pinky says that why are you taking this. Anika says that I need a water. So that I took this. Pinky says that how will you love only on water, you may sit here and takes a food. Dadi and Anika are feeling good.

Shivaay, Om, and Rudra are coming there. But Om and Rudra are going from there to see Shivaay there. Om says to his mother to send their food into their rooms. Dadi says why? We are feeling good to see both you three together on the dining table. Shivaay says that if you are having a problem with me then I am going from here. Anika is giving a big lecture to OM and Rudra that how much Shivaay loves them. She is recalling all those things which Shivaay was doing for them by tolerating himself a lot. She is trying to make them understand that Shivaay is not wrong for them because he is doing everything for their happiness including this marriage. If he did wrong then he was doing with me. So that I have so many complai from him. Not you people. Shivaay is hearing everything by standing behind the wall.

Ishqbaaz 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

After some time, Rudra and Om are coming to meet Shivaay and feels sorry too. Shivaay hugs them tightly and gets emotional too. Shivaay says to them that don’t go apart from me. You both are my everything and please don’t go apart from me. They hugs each other and makes a promise that, they won’t hide anything from each other.

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