Ishqbaaz 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Anika is coming inside Tia’s room where she gets Tia and Shivaay together. Anika says sorry to Tia because snatched her phone in the hall room. Tia says ok. Shivaay asks who is Dushyant? Tia says him to leave this matter because Dushyant is just my college friend and nothing else. She is trying to divert Shivaay’s mind. Pinky is coming there and asks Tia about her health. Pinky scolds Anika and says her to go from here. Pinky asks Tia about her baby. Tia replies my baby is alright Pinky Mom. Anika comes to know that Tia is pregnant.

Anika and Shivaay are arguing with each other over Tia and Dushyant’s child. Anika says to Shivaay that Tia loves Dushyant and she is pregnant with his baby too. Shivaay is trying to keep her quite. But Anika is not ready to hear anything. She is continuously saying that Tia accepted in front of me that she loves Dushyant but she is happy to keep his baby in her womb. Shivaay shouts and stops her. Anika asks what happened? Shivaay says because I..Anika asks what? Shivaay says I am saying you to keep quite. So you just keep quite.

Anika comes out from her room and then thinks that she have to do something for Tia. She is coming in Tia’s room and decides to find out Dushyant’s phone number. She decides to help Tia at any cost. Here Rudra is sitting with his mother. Shivaay comes there and asks about Jhanvi’s health. Rudra replies that she is fine but I got Nandini’s call. Shivaay says she is your childhood friend, so you have to go to attend her marriage.

Ishqbaaz 14th February 2017 Written Update:

Rudra says that I have no mood of attending any marriage. Shivaay says if you will go there, then you will feel good. Rudra says that I am tensed to think about all the situation, whatever going in our house. Shivaay says that you don’t’ worry, I will look after everyone in the home especially Jhanvi maa. Rudra says ok. Anika is coming in Tia’s room and gets some pictures of Tia with someone. She thinks maybe he is Dushyant. Later She gets Tia’s phone also. Here Shivaay is trying to find out Anika. He asks one servant about Anika. She replies that she saw Anika near to Tia’s room.

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Ishqbaaz 14th February 2017 Written Episode

Here Anika check out Tia’s phone and comes to know that Tia called Dushyant after her. It means Tia loves him a lot. So that I have to help her. Anika makes a call at Dushyant’s number. Tia’s mother takes a call and starts to scold Tia for calling at Dushyant’s phone number. Anika thinks that why is she scolding? Here a courier boy is coming there and asks about their address. Anika hears out an address and decides to go there. She write down an address and thinks to check out like how is living there? Here Shivaay is coming that side.

Anika comes out and takes a rickshaw by saying that I want to go Gulmohar road. Shivaay is worried to think about Anika. He asks everyone about her. But Pinku, Dadi, and everyone replying that there didn’t see Anika there. Dadi says him to call Anika. Later a servant is coming there and shows a note to Shivaay on which one address is mentioned, Shivaay goes there and gets Anika on the same address. He brings her back to the home.

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