Ishqbaaz 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay is going to take his award in the function. Anika takes out one suit which she finalized for Shivaay. He asks why are you choosing this color for me. Anika says that if you will wear this color then you will look like a hero of OSCAR awards. So they would get jealous to see you during this award ceremony.

Om doubts Shwetlana and he start to follow her. After some time, Shwetlana sees Om and she smiles a lot. She thinks that finally, Om is following her and there Tia will implement their plan easily. Shwetlana is trying to distract Om from the main culprits of this Priyanka’s MMS. Here Shivaay and Anika are also leaving Oberoi Mansion. They are going somewhere. Svetlana is making a call to Tia and asks her what is going on?

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Tia is crying a lot and says to Svetlana that why are you doing this? Why are you not concentration on our plan? Tia says today’s my Robin’s birthday and I have to spend some time alone. Svetlana says her to concentrate on your plan by leaving Robin outside. Tia cut the call and then says that I missed you Robin. She is taking a wine in her hand and celebrates Robin’s birthday.

Ishqbaaz 14th January 2017 Written Update:

Here Tia is crying a lot by seeing Robin’s picture in her phone. She cries a lot by saying that I miss you a lot Robin. Sahil is passing through the area. He notices Tia and then he informs Rudra about his. Rudra asks about the name which Tia have taken. Sahil replies, she was taking a name ‘Robin.’ Read more-> Ishqbaaz 16th January 2017 written update. She calls Happy Birthday Dear Robin. Happy Birthday Dushyant. She added that I am taking your real name today and that is, Dushyant.

Here Tej is coming at home and he asks Jhanvi that where is Svetlana? Jhanvi says I don’t know about her anymore. Tej says that I am getting shocked to see that what is going on? Jhanvi replies that I don’t know about her and why are you blaming me for this? Tej replies that if you want to send her outside the home especially when she was in bad condition. Jhanvi says that why are you doing this to me? All over, Jhanvi and Tej are getting a bad controversy with each other.

Ishqbaaz 14th January 2017 Written Episode:

Here Svetlana is thinking that race is getting start very badly. Omkara is following Svetlana and here Shivaay is also following Omkara. Svetlana gets tensed to see that Shivaay also follows them. She makes a call to Romi and says her to stop Shivaay at any cost because if we don’t stop Shivaay then our plan will be getting fail. Svetlana says to Romi that whatever you will do but you will stop Shivaay from coming behind us. Even though I am about to reaching at the right place according to our plan. So that you have to stop Shivaay from coming behind us.

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