Ishqbaaz 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Priyanka says to Ranveer that I am so happy to see everything. So I just want to say thankyou to you. Ranveer asks why? Priyanka says that you save my family’s reputation. Ranveer says that was just a drama and nothing else because I want to make my image good in front of all family members. This will help us in getting our marriage happen successfully. Even though all family members are getting impressed by this step. Priyanka is getting so upset.

Shivaay is coming there and feels so good to see Ranveer and Priyanka together. Actually, Ranveer sees Shivaay there and that’s why Ranveer starts to do a drama and shows a more love towards Priyanka. Priyanka comes to know that Shivaay is here and that’s why Ranveer is doing dramas. Shivaay is getting happy to see them together. Here Rudra calls Shivaay as Bagad Billa and SSO. Shivaay looks on.

 Shivaay asks what? Rudra says that I am missing these names because Anika bhabhi didn’t call you by these names from last some time. So that’s why I called you with these names. Rudra asks again what happened? Why are you smiling like this? Shivaay says that I am coming here after to see Ranveer and Priyanka’s love. I am happy. Rudra says that I always want to send Priyanka to hostel just to get her all chocolates.

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Ishqbaaz 14th March Written Episode Update:

But now when I think that Priyanka will go to leave us here then I am getting scared very badly. What is this bhai? Shivaay says that it’s nice but it doesn’t mean that we stop Priyanka here for always. Rudra says that I am feeling bad to think about girls like our choti maa is adjusting here yet. Similarly, all girls can do the same. Shivaay says that I am feeling so good by thinking that someone is applying sindoor and wearing manglasutra. This thing makes us feel special.

Here Pinky comes to know they are coming here. Shakti is coming there and asks who are coming here? Pinky says that I called them so many times but now they called me especially and says that she is coming here to meet us. Shakti says it’s nice. Pinky says that if she is coming here then it means, something is big. Shakti says her not to think anything else. Just pray to god and says everything is getting happy.

Anika says to Shivaay that I feel Rudra and Soumya’s love story is getting incomplete because I saw a lot of love in Soumya’s eyes. Even Soumya left home without to say anything to anyone. I felt like Soumya was looking helpless that time when we were asking her about her love for Rudra. But now there is only one person who will do something for this love story. Shivaay asks who? Anika replies you.

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Ishqbaaz 14th March Written Episode Update:

Some kinnars are coming there in Oberoi mansion. They start to do a dance with dholak. Here Pinky, Jhanvi, Priyanka, and Dadi are sitting together whereas all ladies are trying to choose the color of lehenga. Dadi says to Priyanka to wear red colored lehenga only, Priyanka says ok. But Pinky says that no mummy ji, she will wear pink color lehenga. Suddenly, they see some kinnars inside their home. They are getting happy to see kinnar’s dance. Tej is coming there and gets angry to see them. He calls security to throw them out now. Pinky stops them and says that I called them here because their presence is good in daughter’s marriage. They will stay here for 2-3 days and then go after the marriage. Tej says how is it possible? This is impossible. Suddenly, one more kinnar is coming there and asks where is the elder son of this house? Pinky asks what happened? Kinnar says that, he have to be alert for next 10 days because his life is in danger.

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