Ishqbaaz 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 15th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which kinnar says that Shivaay’s life is in danger and he has to be alert for next 10 days. She added that what’s seen is not happen and what’s not see will happen in his life. You will see lie in true mirrors. Shivaay comes there and asks what is she saying? What does it mean? Suddenly, Soumya comes there and calls him out for some urgent talk. Shivaay says that I bring Soumya here. Dadi scolds Soumya by saying that why were you going to leave this house. But now I am happy to see you. Pinky says it’s good and now you are here till Priyanka’s marriage. You don’t go anywhere.

Shivaay says no, she is not here for Priyanka’s marriage, she will live here for always because she is daughter-in-law of this house. Pinky and all people are getting shocked. Soumya says that I felt like I was responsible for everything wrong whatever happened to this family. Even I was feeling so bad and that’s why I left this house. Shivaay says it means, someone told you all this.

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Ishqbaaz 15th March Written Episode Update:

Shivaay says that a man who told all this to Soumya, he/she will say sorry to Soumya right now. Rudra is coming in front of everyone and says sorry to Soumya. Even he says to Soumya that I was doing wrong with you by scolding you very badly and even I blamed you like this. Shivaay says to Soumya that you have to stay here with full right. If anybody will hurt you then you won’t go to leave this house, you will come to talk to me. Soumya says ok.

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Here Priyanka is getting faint. But Pinky is coming there and handles her. She asks Priyanka what happened? She replies that I am alright and getting an exhaust in marriage preparations. Pinky says to Shakti to call a doctor here. Shakti says that you don’t worry, I will call the doctor now. Priyanka is getting tensed to think, if the doctor will come here to check her then everyone will come to know about her pregnancy.

Here Shivaay is going to his room. Anika is calling him but he is not giving any response to her. Anika asks what happened? Shivaay says that I don’t want to talk to you. Anika asks why? Shivaay says that I am alright. Anka says I know you are getting upset from me. Shivaay asks really? You remember. Anika says yes, I threw water on your face and that’s why you are upset from my side. Shivaay says yes. Anika is trying to say sorry to him. But she gets stuck at “o” and not to complete sorry word.

Ishqbaaz 15th March Written Episode Update:

Here Kamini is coming there and stops Pinky from calling a doctor there. Kamini says that I will check Priyanka and there is no need to call Doctor here. Pinky asks why? She says that my daughter’s health is not good and you are asking about doctor’s need. Kamini says it’s normal in marriage preparations. Kamini catches Priyanka’s hand and says that she is having a low bp. So you just bring a lemonade water for her. Pinky says ok. Kamini flirts Shakti there.  Here Shivaay is trying to making understand his feelings. Anika is geting mesmerized to hear Shivaay’s touchy lines.

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