Ishqbaaz 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Tia is talking to someone and says that I already packed my swim suit and I am coming there as soon as possible. Anika is hearing her conversation and thinks that with who she is talking now. Suddenly, a packet is falling down from Tia’s hand. Anika is coming there and try to take that packet. Tia stops her from touching that packet. Anika scolds her very badly. Tia says that Shivaay baby is keeping you here because he wants the divorce proceedings fast and quickly. So that he is tolerating you here. Anika says her that you are just like a chew gum and you are saying all this? How? Tia is getting angry and then try to slap her. Anika catches her hand and stops her from doing this. Anika says that I will cut your manicure hands with my halwa puri making hands. Tia says that I will answer you but I have no time now.

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Here Sahil is not able to stand without his stick. Shivaay is coming there and gives a support to him. Sahil feels so good. Here Tia is in the car and she is talking to her mother. She says that I am going to met my husband Robin because I already made a promise to him. I want to spend my anniversary with him at any cost. You won’t stop me from going there.

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Ishqbaaz 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Here Anika is talking to Rudra and Om about Tia. Om is not ready to doubt Tia. He says that I don’t doubt her because she was getting kidnapped and now I never doubt her. Anika says that I don’t have doubt, I know that she is married and she is going to meet her husband today. Rudra and Om are getting ready to go with Anika to spy Tia. Here they are following Tia’s car. Now Tia comes to know that Anika is following her. Tia speeds up her car and then take the taxy amid the way to redirect them. Here Shivaay is sitting with Sahil and he is eating his lunch. Shivaay asks why are you eating the food from the tiffin.

Rudra, Anika, and Om are coming to the resort finally. They are looking in a hurry and tensed too. They are reaching somewhere, where Tia is in the swimming pool with her real husband Robin. She is enjoying with him very nicely in the swimming pool with another. Tia sees them and just to save herself, she throws Robin and he is falling at the floor by getting stuck with the wall. Om, Rudra, and Anika are very near to her. But they are going somewhere else.

After some time, Anika looks at her. She says to Rudra and Om to please look at Tia, what is she doing here? They are getting shattered to see Tia in a bikini with another boy into the pool. But Tia is in shock.

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Tia is coming out and sayst that you people are here? Om says that I am so sorry Tia, but now we are going to the home. After this Tia calls Robin there.

Ishqbaaz 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

But Robin is not replying her. She is going inside the pool and starts to check out Robin in the pool but she gets Robin in a dead state and his boy is coming on the water level. Tia is getting shocked. She is saying to Robin to please get up fast, don’t make me scared. Please Robin. But Robin is not replying her. She takes his head and says please come out. Robin. Then, she gets a blood on his hand. She comes to know that Robin is dead. Tia is getting shattered and laughing a lot. She says that universe do a big joke with Tia Kapoor today. She is in shock.

Here Rudra, Om, and Anika are coming back to the home where they gets Shivaay in the hall room. He asks from where you people are coming now? Om is trying to say the truth but Rudra is redirecting the topic. After this, Shivaay and Anika are going inside the room where Shivaay is asking her that what is going on? I know you are mad but how Om Rudra were supported you that time. You were going behind Tia why? She already informed that she was going to Lonawala. Anika says that yes, but she was going there to meet her husband. Shivaay asks are you mad? Anika says that she is making you a fool and finally. you are getting fool by stucking into her words.

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