Ishqbaaz 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay asks Mrs. Kapoor that what is this? Mrs. Kapoor replies this is medical reports which says that Anika is not mentally fine. So it will help you in taking divorcee fast. When you will show this application form in the court then you will get a divorce soon. Mrs. Kapoor added that I want you to marry Tia before her delivery at any cost. So you just sign this papers and I will put your case in fast forward manner.

Shivaay says that Anika is not mad, her memory is lost only which will come anytime. If she will come in her original state then what will she say? Pinky says that if she will kill someone then you won’t call her killer. Mrs. Mehra says that why are you saying all this? I just want you to marry Tia before her delivery. Pinky says that my grandchild is about to come and here you are not ready to marry Tia. Tej Singh is coming there and says to Shivaay that you have to give divorce to Anika which is pre-decided. Apart from this, it’s your decision that you will marry Tia or not?

Ishqbaaz 16th February 2017 Written Update:

Shivaay says to Tej Singh that if you don’t like anyone to interfere in your matter. Similarly, I also want that nobody can say anything to me and in my matter. Mrs. Mehra says to Shivaay that I thnk you are forgetting our last conversation. Shivaay recalled her words like Omkara is an illegal son of Tej Singh Oberoi. Anika hears everything and then she comes back to her room. Shakti is also coming there and says to Shivaay that you have to do these signatures and finish this matter.

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Dadi comes there and stops Shivaay by saying that you don’t do anything Billu because you made so many promises with Anika and these papers will break those promises easily. This is not possible. Shivaay comes inside and sits with Anika. She asks Shivaay that you want to give me a divorce. Even signatures are already done. Shivaay says that I don’t want to do this but situations forced me to do this. Anika says that I think I was coming in between you and Tia. She is getting pregnant with you and I am not able to give a child to you. Shivaay says that I don’t want to hurt you and please trust me. I will do everything good for you because I want to see you happy. Anika cries. Shivaay says that I don’t want to see tears in your eyes. Anika asks what about divorce. Shivaay says you don’t worry, I will do something. A song plays on,”Tu Hai Mere Jeene Ki Vajah.”

Ishqbaaz 16th February 2017 Written Episode

Here Mrs. Mehra is talking with Svetlana and Tia about Oberoi’s via phone. Svetlana says that you don’t worry mumma because all Oberoi’s are duffer and  I will handle them easily. Here Shivaay packs Anika’s bag and says her to come with him. She asks where? Shivaay says you trust me or not? She says yes. Shivaay says that we have to go from here for some days. Don’t worry. They are coming in the hall room where all people are coming there. Pinky asks Shivaay that you will be going to leave his home without to inform us. Shivaay gets shocked and asks Anika what you did? Anika says please trust me, I believe you but I don’t want to separate you from your mother or from your baby. Even I am thinking that you have to marry Tia, she is perfect for you. Shivaay says that I can’t believe this. Pinky says I also don’t believe that what are you doing this? Even you were trying to run away by leaving your family behind. Pinky shouts and says that you are thinking about Anika only not for us. Anika says that all mistake is mine and Shivaay is doing everything for his family. Pinky shouts and asks what do you want to say?

Anika says that we will be going to give divorce to each other. Due to this, I have no right to stay here. Pinky says to Shivaay that why are you standing silent, if she is saying to go from this house then you have to leave her.

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