Ishqbaaz 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Sahil is saying everything to Rudra that what he heard from Tia’s room. Sahil says that Tia was crying and says that I am missing you, whatever if you are not with me right now but I am always yours. Rudra gets shocked to hear all of this. He recalled Anika’s words that Tia is already married. Rudra decides to collect the proof against Tia now and it’s the right time. Here Dadi asks Pinky where is Shivaay? Pinky replies that he is outside the home.

Omkara is searching out Shwetlana there in the house. Suddenly, Shwetlana is coming there and catches him alone. He says that I come to know your reality that you are making my father fool every time by showing a wheelchair. Shwetlana says yes I know very well that you came to know everything about me. But all this was planned by me.

Ishqbaaz 17th January 2017 Written Update:

Omkara asks why were you trapping me like this? What is going on in your mind? Omkara is getting scared to see this. Here Shivaay is going behind Anika just to stop her from going outside in the air storm. But Shivaay’s health condition is getting worst and he falls down on the floor. Read more-> Ishqbaaz 18th January 2017 written update. Suddenly, he sees Anika is hanging on the tree via rope.

He gets shocked and tries to save Anika’s life. Romi is seeing everything by standing behind the tree. She thinks that nobody will save Anika today. Tia is coming downstairs and then Rudra asks her to drop her where she want to go. She asks why? Rudra says that I will drop you because I don’t want to leave you both alone otherwise, Shivaay will scold me.

Tia says it’s ok, I will go. He asks where are you going now? Tia replies that I am missing my mother, so that I am going to meet her. Here Romi is calling Tia just to give a good news to her regarding Anika’s death. But here Tia’s phone rings up. Rudra asks who is calling you? Tia replies mum is calling me. Rudra says wow, let me talk to aunty. Tia is not giving her phone to him and start to makes an excuses.

Here Shivaay brings Anika’s downside and try to make her get up. But she is not responding yet. Shivaay calls her name again and again. Anika gets up and thne Shivaay hugs her very tightly. Here Sahil helps Rudra in trapping Tia by spreading her bag items on the floor. Rudra says Tia that let us help Sahil in collecting all these things. Shivaay scolds Anika for doing this. He asks how you hanged here? Anika replies that I don’t know how it happened.

Ishqbaaz 17th January 2017 Written Episode:

Here Anika starts to talk to Shivaay and then walks. But after some time, she looks behind and gets shocked to see that Shivaay is lying on the earth and got faint too. She shouts very badly. Anika is coming near to Shivaay and sits with him. She is trying to make him get up but he is not responding to her. She cries a lot and calls someone for help them but nobody is there except Romi. Here Anika is losing her hope and cries a lot.All of sudden, she gets an idea in her mind and she sees one pulling type rickshaw. She lifts Shivaay in that rickshaw just to save his life. But she is facing a lot of hurdles and problems in doing this.

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