Ishqbaaz 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Mahi is saying to his mother that all people are giving so much importance to Shivaay. Even all people are taking care of Shivaay all the time. That Anika, Pinky, Dadi, and all other people have saved Shivaay from all the troubles. They are so nice people who can think for each other all the time.

Kamini is getting so much angry and says that you are changing your face now. Finally, you are taking Oberoi’s side only if you have spent some time with them. But now I am getting so angry. So that you have to go from here because you are responsible for everything whatever happened to us. I felt so bad whenever I see your face.

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Ishqbaaz 18th April Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story

Anika says to Shivaay that you are feeling shy in confessing your real feelings to me. Shivaay asks what? Anika says I know you want to tell me that I am so beautiful and whenever I am coming in front of you then your heart beats are getting so high. Anika says that you want to say that your life is filled with so many colors from the time when you came into my life. Shivaay gets mesmerized to hear all of this. He asks really? Do you think all of this about me? Even though you thought wrong about me and let me clear you that you are thinking wrong about me. Later he says to Anika that you have to take rest because your health is not good. Anika says I am fine. He says that Shivaay holds Anika tightly in his arms ad then brings her close to him.

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Shivaay says that you are seeing everything fake because your eyes were seeing everything wrong about me. He takes Anika on the bed and then comes near to her. He kisses her on her cheeks. Now both are looking into each other’s eyes. Suddenly, Shivaay’s phone rings up. Anika says that your phone is ringing. Shivaay takes a call and says that I am going outside for some work. So that I will be back here soon. Anika asks where are you going now? Shivaay says that I am going to do something urgently. Anika says that I want you in front of my eyes whenever I will open my eyes. Shivaya says ok. Here Mahi comes to know that Kamini is planning Shivaay’s death. Mahi says to Kamini that I will not let it happen. I will save Shivaay’s life today. Kamini gets angry.

Ishqbaaz 18th April Written Episode Update

Here Pinky is crying a lot. Dadi comes there and asks what happened? Why are you crying a lot? Pinky says that I feel like my son is going far away from me. He is not taking care of me. Dadi says oh you are feeling bad without any reason. Pinky says that yesterday I was going to take my medicine because I was suffered by fever. But he came there and took medicines only for Anika and not to ask me about my health for a once. Dadi hugs her and gives an emotional support to her. Here Shivaay is going somewhere in the dark and shouts where is Ranveer? Why are you hiding like this? Suddenly, some goons are coming there and attacks Shivaay. All people starts to do fighting with each other.

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