Ishqbaaz 18th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay thinks that he have to get that video from Tia and her mom. He is coming near to Tia’s room where Tia’s mother is giving a packet to Tia and says her to keep this packet safely. Tia asks what is this? Her mother is replying that you don’t worry but you have to hide this packet from everyone and not to open this here. Shivaay sees them and thinks what is this? Tia’s mother sees him and asks You are here Shivaay? He comes inside.

Shivaay asks Tia’s mother that you didn’t give me Daima’s video to me on an auspicious occasion of my wedding. She replies that why are you in hurry, you just get marry her and the I will give you that video. Later she says to Shivaay to do signatures on the documents. Shivaay says why are you looking in hurry and I will do signatures whenever you will handover video to me. She starts to threaten Shivaay by taking that Video’s name. Shivaay stops her from repeating the same blackmailing dialogue.

He comes out from there where Anika is doing all arragements. Suddenly, Shivaays says that you are looking good in green. Anika looks on very sweetly. But Tia comes there from behind by wearing a green gown. Shivaay complements her. Tia says thank you to him for giving such a nice complement. Shivaay also gives a ring to her just to make Anika jealous. But Anika is looking there and then starts to look anywhere else.

Ishqbaaz 18th February 2017 Written Update:

After some time, Anika is slipping down from the table and then Shivaay handles her in his arms. Both are looking in each other’s eyes. A song plays on i.e “Ishq Hain Aaasu, Ishq Hai Nagma.” But suddenly, Shivaay leaves Anika on the floor and says that you ruined my moment, I was going to make my Tia wear a diamond ring. He again proposes Tia for the marriage. Tia gets so happy. Dadi, Pinky and all other people are coming there. Pinky claps but dadi gets angry.

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But when Shivaay is trying to see the ring. That time, the┬áring is missing from the box. Everybody shocked to see that Ring is not in the box. Tia gets tensed. Shivaay says to Tia that you don’t worry, Anika will find out the ring. Pinky shouts at Anika and says her to find out the ring. Anika takes a ring behind the table and then gives it to Shivaay. Shivaay says give me your hand. Anika is raising her hand. But he catches Tia’s hand instead of Anika and makes her wear a ring. Everybody claps.

After this, Shivaay says to all people that you people will gather here at 7:30 pm because I will be going to give you a surprise. Pinky gets so happy. After some time, when all people are coming there. All lights are getting off and a screen is showing there. Shivaay’s voice is coming with the pictures which are flashing on the screen. There are all picture of Tia. All people are enjoying the function except Anika and Dadi. Behind this voice, Shivaay and his assistant are trying to find out the clue. Here Anika sees someone in the dark. She is going towards to check out.

Ishqbaaz 18th February 2017 Written Episode

Here Shivaay is trying to check out Tia’s room and there a man is going to Kapoor’s Mansion to find out a video. After some time, Anika is coming to the room. Shivaay is coming there and asks her that you liked our romantic photos or not? Anika says I don’t know the meaning of romantic word. Shivaay says I think Tia is such a romantic girl and I feel undefined feeling with her. Anika says photos were ok ok.He comes near to her and starts to romance her. He asks you feel something? She replies no? Shivaay catches her tightly in his arms and starts to touch her hairs. He asks again that you feel something? She says no. He kisses her. Shivaay again ask her? She replies yes. Both are romancing each other.

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