Ishqbaaz 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Omkara is searching out Shwetlana there in the house. Suddenly, Shwetlana is coming there and catches him alone. He says that I come to know your reality that you are making my father fool every time by showing a wheelchair. Shwetlana says yes I know very well that you came to know everything about me. But all this was planned by me.

Here Shivaay’s condition is getting worst and Anika is getting tensed a lot. After some time, she gets phone charger. She charged the phone and then makes a call to Rudra to inform him about Shivaay’s health. Rudra replies that I am coming there soon, you tell me where are you? Anika asks you just tell me, what can I do? Rudra replies that Shivaay is bhaiya is having an allergy from a dust and he is keeping his medicines with him.

Anika cuts the call and starts to search out the medicine box. Finally, she finds out the medicine but she gets tensed to see so many medicines. She makes a call to Rudra again and asks me about the medicine name. Rudra tells her about the name and colors of the medicine. She finds out the real medicine and calls Shivaay but he is not getting up.

Anika hugs him and says that I love you Shivaay and I recognize this feeling now. This is my first love, so please don’t go to leave my first love story in half. Here Sahil brings Tia’s phone and gives it to Rudra by saying that Tia was seeing something in this phone and then cries a lot. Rudra thinksĀ this is the right time to throw Tia out from Shivaay bhaiya’s life. He starts to check out Tia’s phone but there is a password.

Ishqbaaz 18th January 2017 Written Update:

Rudra guessed her password and finally, it works. Here Tia thinks that Romi is waiting for her. She tries to find out her phone but she doesn’t get it in her room. Here Sahil says to Rudra to check out gallery first. Rudra says ok. Anika says to Shivaay that I won’t live without you, so please get up Shivaay. Tia comes there and sees that Rudra is checking her phone.

She says it’s a bad manner Rudra. He asks what? Tia says him to return her phone now. Rudra says I don’t have my phone. Sahil says you have to prove that, this is your phone. Tia says what the joke? This is my phone. She is trying to snatch her phone., Rudra throws the phone and Sahil catches it. They repeat it again and again. Suddenly, Soumya is coming there. Rudra says Soumya to catch the phone now. By mistakenly the Tia’s phone is falling into the swimming pool. Everyone regrets.

Here Anika is crying a lot and says to Shivaay to please get up soon. Her tears are falling on Shivaay’s face. A song plays on,”Ye Dard Hai Sari Umar Ka,” After some time, Shivaay gets up and she gets so happy to see him. He takes Anika’s hand and asks are you ok? Anika says I was in trauma by thinking that I lost you. Shivaay says that death is not coming near to me easily. Anika hugs him tightly.

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Ishqbaaz 18th January 2017 Written Episode:

After some time, Anika makes a call to Rudra and informs him that Shivaay is coming in the conscious state. Rudra says ok bhabhi and now you will come back to the home soon. Shivaay says our car is not working then what will I do? Anika says it’s ok but Rudra is sending a car for us. Shivaay says ok. After some time, Shivaay drives and asks Anika, Is everything alright? Why are you looking at me like this? Anika replies, everything is alright.

In between the way, Anika sees Om’s car. They stops the car and check out his car. Shivaay gets Omkara on the back seat in a fainted state. Shivaay bring shim back to the home and shifts him in his room.

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