Ishqbaaz 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Ranveer and Priyanka are coming together for their engagement function whereas both are getting engaged very happily. All people are getting so happy to see them together. Here fake Shivaay’s lens is getting off from his eyes and Anika looks on. She gets shocked to see this. This thing puts Anika in a big tension. This time, Shivaay is talking to someone and says him to find out the airplane pilot’s name, attendant, and everyone who was in the airplane. Suddenly, he looks behind. He sees his lens and then looks on the floor.

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Ishqbaaz 18th March Written Episode Update:

Anika and Rudra are asking Shivaay that why is he touching the floor. Shivaay says nothing. He gets up and then looks behind. He gets to strike with the waiter and a water falls down on Shivaay very badly. He gets angry and then says I am going from here. On the other side, photographer says that I just want a family photograph now. Pinky says that we have to wait for the Shivaay, we will take family photograph only when Shivaay will come back here.

Kamini says that if Shivaay is taking some time then I will talk something urgent talk with you. She calls Pinky at a side. But Pinky says that I don’t want to go anywhere because my son is more important for me as compared to your gossip. Kamini says yes I know but till Shivaay will come back here we will talk to each other, please come at a side. Pinky is going with her for some urgent talk. Here fake Shivaay is trying to find out the lens in his room. Even he locked his room. Anika comes there and knocks at the door. She shouts Shivaay open the door. But here fake Shivaay is getting angry and says that Shivaay’s wife is such an irritating girl. Se says him to open the door now. But Shivaay is not opening the door.

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Ishqbaaz 18th March Written Episode Update:

Shivaay is searching his lens in the almirah. So that he throws all clothes here and there. Anika comes inside and then asks him what happened? Shivaay is behaving very bad. Even she shouts at Anika very badly. She asks him why did he mess up the room? Fake Shivaay says that I was trying to find out the hand towel and that’ s why everything was getting ruined here. Anika says I was asking you for the help. But you denied. Shivaay says that I don’t need your help. So just go to hell. Anika gets shattered.

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