Ishqbaaz 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

All the goons are beating Shivaay and give a lot of injuries to him. Suddenly, Mahi is coming there on his bike. He starts to do fight with all the goons. He beats them very badly. Later he sits in front of the chair when Shivaay is lying faint. Mahi says that I will save Shivaay at any cost. He says that I will not let happen anything wrong with Shivaay.

Here Anika is feeling so bad to think about Shivaay. Finally, Mahi brings Shivaay back to the home and then runs away. But Anika sees him. She shouts and calls all people there. All the family members are coming there and gets tensed to see this condition of Shivaay. Pinky is sitting aside of him and try to talk to him. But he is asking about Anika. He wants to see Anika first. Pinky gets hurt very badly and then stands up from there.

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Ishqbaaz 19th April Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story

Anika sits there and then starts to talk to Shivaay only. Rudra and Omkara are talking to each other about Shivaay and Anika that, they starts to love each other now. So that’s why Pinky mom is getting hurt by feeling apart from Shivaay. Shivaay gets up and sees a blood on his shirt. He asks what is this? Anika says this blood belongs to that person who saved your life.

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Shivaay says that how could I come here? Rudra says that someone called me and then I reached there to bring you back to the home. Shivaay is behaving so strange. Mahi is coming back to the home where he doesn’t get his mother. He gets tensed very badly. Suddenly, he gets Ranveer’s phone. Ranveer says that I am getting underground for some time and you will also go underground. Apart from this, maasi is also going somewhere.

Ishqbaaz 19th April Written Episode Update

Shivaay asks Anika that do you think Mahi saved my life? Anika says yes he saved your life and I am sure that he is a good man by heart. Shivaay says that he is such a clever man who hijacks my jet and took my place in the home. Even though he kidnapped me for some time. Shakti says that I think Shivaay is saying right and Mahi is not a good guy.

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