Ishqbaaz 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Daksh is hurting Anika very badly. After that, Daksh kidnapped Anika and sends her somewhere else. After this, Pinky says to the maid to bring those silver glasses outside. Daksh is coming at Oberoi mansion and say hi to Pinky aunty. Here Pinky is getting tensed to see him. He asks everything is alright or not? She replies that I am alright. Daksh asks where is Anika. Actually, I went her home but didn’t get her there. So I thought, she is present here always. So that I am coming here directly. Where is she? Pinky gets silent. Here Shivaay is taking with someone about the meeting. After this, he feels that something is fishy around her. But now he handles himself. Here Daksh asks is everything alright? Here Shivaay is standing near to Daksh car where Anika is in the back side of Daksh’s car in a very bad situation. Shivaay is feeling touchy there and feels Anika’s presence too. He feels something odd. Here Daksh is trying to defame Anika in front of Oberoi family. He says that Anika was coming near to me forcefully and that’s why I did an engagement with her under a pressure. But now I am coming here to break my engagement with her.

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Ishqbaaz 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Jhanvi stops Daksh by saying all this. She says that Anika is not that type of girl who is doing all this. Jhanvi scolds Daksh by saying that Anika is a bahu is Oberoi family. Daksh laughs and says that sh is not able to become a servant of this house and you people made her a daughter-in-law of this house. Pinky is getting scared after to hear all this. Daksh says that Anika only loves money and nothing else. Even I was making her a call so many times. But she didn’t reply me. So that I am coming here to see this. But it’s normal that Shivaay is having more money as compared to me. So that she got married to him instead of me. Pinky cries a lot and says that I don’t want to see that girl in my house. Whenever Shivaay will come back to home, I will say him to leave Anika as soon as possible. Jhanvi is trying to make her understand the situation but Pinky is not ready to hear anything. Here Anika is coming out from the car and try to come inside the home. She is in very bad situation. But when she is taking a step inside. Daksh is coming in between and then makes her faint. Shivaay is also coming there. But Daksh takes Anika outside by saving her from Shivaay. Here Pinky is coming in Anika’s room just to find out her. But Jhanvi is trying to stop her from doing this. She says that every coin has a two faces, so we have to look after every face. Here you heard only Daksh’s words but you have ask everything from Anika too. Pinky says that no Jhanvi, she is trying to spoil our image in the society by doing all this. So that we have to talk to her as soon as possible. Here Shivaay is thinking about Anika. But he is trying to make himself that he won’t think about Anika again and again. Here Priyanka is getting ACP’s call. They are getting into the controversy very badly.  Priyanka says him not to call her again and again. She is busy. Jhanvi and Pinky are coming there. They are asking her what happened. With whom you are talking now? Priyanka is getting scared and says that one wrong call is coming again and again. So that I am talking with the wrong number and he is so irritating. Jhanvi asks really? Priyanka says that yes.  She says that I want to complete my assignment, so shall I go? Jhanvi says yes.

Ishqbaaz 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Shivaay is coming inside the home whereas his father is calling him to ask about Anika? He is getting bursts out. His father scolds him by saying that this is not the way to talk to your dad. Shivaay says sorry and then asks what happened. His father says that please give this file to Anika. Actually, she got 15 lakh loan and I helped her out for her brother’s study. Shivaay asks when? He says that she got this loan before one day of your marriage. One thing strikes in Shivaay’s mind, what Daksh told him about Anika. He is getting shocked and decides to talk to Soumya about this.

Here Shivaay is hearing something in the kitchen. He is feeling so bad and then he is running towards Soumya’s room whereas Shivaay sees her during to talk onto her phone. Shivaay says to Soumya that just give me one minute. She asks what happened bhaiya? Shivaay says that I want to ask you something and want to hear a truth only.

Soumya says ok to him. Shivaay asks that how did you know that Anika was in Daksh room in the morning on that day? Soumya says that she told me before to go there. Shivaay asks really? Where was she in the night time? Soumya says that Anika was with me in that night and in the morning time, Anika was going to Daksh room and that’s why I send her tea there. Shivaay gets so happy. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 17th December 2016 written update 

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