Ishqbaaz 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Anika and Shivaay are in Omkara’s room where Shivaay asks Omkraa about his health. Even he asks him that how he was getting faint there. Here Anika is going to meet Sahil. They both are talking to each other about Shivaay. Sahil asks her, do you fall in love with Shivaay? Anika replies that no I don’t love him. Sahil asks really? Anika replies that I am not able to love him because there is a lot of difference amid me and Shivaay.

Sahil asks why? Anika says if I will be getting in love with him then it would be difficult for me. If Shivaay or you will be getting to leave me here alone then I will also die. Sahil says her that you are so strong and you have to love him. Now you will go and says that I love you Shivaay. Anika says that he is so different from me. If he is sky then I am earth. He is alway thinking about the blood, family, and name. But I don’t have any father name. So that he never accept me and he never love me ever. She is crying a lot.

Ishqbaaz 19th January 2017 Written Update:

Here Jhanvi is sitting with Omkara and says that why don’t you take care of yourself. Why? Read more-> Ishqbaaz 20th January 2017 written update. Tia is seeing them and makes a call to Romi just to inform her that our plan is working now. Omkara is not saying anything to anyone here. He is getting silent completely. Even Jhanvi is trying to asks him about everything but he is not replying to her.

Tia gets upset suddenly. Romi asks what happened? Tia replies that we always tried hard to kill Tia but she is getting safe all the time. How? Romi says this is Shivaay who always save her. Even though, they both are safety guards of each other. So that we are getting fail every time and not to hurt Anika yet. Tia says ok.

Here Tej Singh is making a call a number of people and says them to find out Shwetlana as soon as possible. He wants Shwetlana as soon as possible here at Oberoi Mansion. Tia hears him and thinks that Shwetlana di’s plan is working perfectly and Tej will bring her back to this house. So why we get worried? Suddenly, Tia gets burb. Romi asks what?

Ishqbaaz 19th January 2017 Written Episode:

She scolds Tia by saying that why are you taking a drink in this condition. Suddenly, Pinky is coming there. Tia cuts the call and then starts to make a drama in front of Pinky. She asks Tia what happened? Tia says that I am getting burb just after the food and when my food was serving to me then Anika always near there. So maybe she can do something with my food.

Pinky says you are thinking exactly right dear. Let we talk to Anika now and then throw her out from this house. Tia stops her and says that we don’t have any proof against her and if e will say anything to Shivaay against Anika then he won’t trust us without any proof. Pinky says ok, we will find out the proof and then talk to Shivaay. Tia says ok.

After some time, Anika is in her room where Shivaay is also coming. He starts to talk to Anika but she have decides not to see towards him. Anika looks at another side and she closes her ears too. Shivaay asks her what happened? Tia is hearing a bell sound in her ear. He closes her ears to ignore this bell. Shivaay asks her what happened? Did you suffered by fever? Suddenly, Sahil is coming there and says that she is suffered by love fever. Shivaay gets shocked.

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