Ishqbaaz 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 1st March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Mrs. Kapoor and Svetlana are talking to each other about their plan. Mrs. Kapoor says that I send a random video to Omkara and Shivaay though like I send a real video. So that’s why he threw that phone in the fire. But he don’t know that I don’t have that chip now, I lost that chip. Here Anika is calling Shivaay again and again. Pinky gets angry to see Anika’s call on Shivaay’s phone. Shivaay says her to ignore her call. Anika makes a call again and says that I have a proof.

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So that’s why I am coming there soon. Mrs. Kapoor is getting shocked but she re-check the Robin on his place. She says that Robin is safe. It means Anika is doing a drama. Here Anika checks out Robin in the backside of the car. She gets Robin there and says hi to him. He smiles and replies Hi Anika. Here Shivaay and Tia are taking wedding rounds. In between, Pinky says to the Pandit ji that I was attending a number of marriages. So that I know Tia is walking in front of Shivaay after 3 rounds. But you are doing the same. Pandit ji says that I know and I am about to say this.

Ishqbaaz 1st March Written Episode Update:

Here Tia is about to fall down. Pinky says her to handle herself. Dadi says that Tia is not handling her then how will she handle this family. Pinky is trying to find out Rudra because she needs some pictures of the marriage because she wants to send these pictures to Canada right now. Shivaay says why are you wasting the time. Let us complete the wedding rounds. Pinky is pulling Shivaay’s leg and laughs a lot.

Pandit says that he has completed this marriage finally. Anika is coming there and says that this marriage is not having any meaning. Pinky shouts and says that you are coming here again. Why? Anika says I brought Robin here. Everybody looks. Anika calls Robin inside. Finally, Robin is coming inside. Tia gets shocked to see Robin there.

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Pinky and Shakti are saying to Anika to stop her drama. But Anika replies that I am just bringing a truth in front of everyone right now. Dadi asks Anika that have you any proof. Anika says that Dushyant is a proof which will prove that he is Tia’s husband who married her and whose baby is in Tia’s womb. Pinky says to Anika that if you will anything else against Tia then I will kill you. Mrs. Kapoor says to Shivaay that why are you standing here silent, then it’s not good for you. Shivaay looks on. Tia is getting emotional. Anika says to Tia that your Robin is in front of you and after that, you are not taking any action. Mrs. Kapoor is trying to handle the situation.

Ishqbaaz 1st March Written Episode Update:

Anika is trying to provoke Tia to say something. But then Pinky says to Shivaay to throw Anika out now. Shivaay is coming there and says to Anika that how dare you to call Tia’s brother as her husband. Robin is Tia’s brother. Later Shivaay is pushing Robin very badly by saying that you are a worthless man who is not taking a single step for your sister. Here all people are insulting your sister and you are not saying a single word. Shivaay calls Khanna and says him to throw Robin out from the Oberoi Mansion. They are throwing Robin on the floor very badly. Tia shouts Robin. Everybody looks on.

Tia is coming near to him and says sorry to him. She calls him baby. Even they hug each other. Shakti says that it means Anika is right and she is saying everything right. Tia asks Robin that what happened to you? Robin says that you considered me dead in the swimming pool but I was getting faint only. But when I opened my eyes, I got myself in your mother’s clutches. She kidnapped me. Tia says that I did your cremation then how? He replies that your mother was giving drugs to you and that’s why you didn’t recognize me. There was only a duplicate body. Tia is getting so happy and says that I am so lucky to have you back. Even we will become parents soon. He hugs Tia and says thanks for this gift. Everybody gets shocked to see this.

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  1. Ridhima

    Wow!!…..finally a nice turning point in the serial…thanks to robin…but the problem is marriage already took place…but everyone got to know the real side of tia and her mother….That’s wonderful!!!!

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