Ishqbaaz 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

Anika says that Mahi is a good man and that’s why he didn’t do anything wrong inside this house. Even though he was not taking an advantage of me, or any other people in the house. He was not stealing money from anywhere. So that he is such a nice boy. Later Shivaay is coming in Anika’s room where she starts to flirt him. She says that I always do my all work on my own.

Even though if someone teasing me then I beat them very badly. Shivaay says ok good. Anika says that I know what do you want to tell me? Shivaay asks what? Anika says that you want to appreciate my beauty and my braveness. Anika is snatching something from Shivaay and says if you want to take this. Then you have to catch me. Anika is running here and there on the bed. Shivaay is running behind her.

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Ishqbaaz 20th April Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story

Suddenly, Sahil is coming there and claps for them. He asks them what is going on? Are you playing a game together? Anika and Shivaay are coming down from the bed. Shivaay asks Sahil that are you alright? Sahil says yes why not? Later Anika is sitting with Sahil and smiles a lot. Sahil is trying to talk to her but she is not replying him. Sahil says I know you are falling in love and I am sure, Shivaay is also falling in love with you. Anika asks how do you know? Sahil replies that when you were on the bed. He threatened doctor very badly and even he told me that we are his family. Anika is getting so much happy.

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Ishqbaaz 20th April Written Episode Update

Anika says to Sahil that he never love me because he is having a name, fame, and blood. I know he takes care of every people and that’s why he cares for us also. Sahil says that I don’t think so, I am sure that SSO version 2 will never get the effect by all of Anika. She says that if Shivaay will come to know about my childhood that I grown up in an Orphanage.

Then he will leave me. Sahil says that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright. Here Shivaay is sitting with some media because he is the Business Man Of the Year. Media asks Shivaay that how are you feeling now after to get this award? Shivaay replies that I am so happy to see this award and even there is someone who one else who deserves this award.  He is giving all credit to Anika, his wife. Anika is getting so much happy to see this. Pinky gets fume. She thinks that Shivaay is giving more importance to Anika instead of her. Anika is getting so much happy and then goes on the stage by catching Shivaay’s hand. She is on the 7th sky. Rudra, Priyanka, Tej, and all other people are also present there.

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