Ishqbaaz 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Anika is standing out from her room in a midnight. She thinks about her feelings which she is feeling for Shivaay from last some time. Even she think over Sahil words that she has to confess her love to Shivaay and then starts her new love story with him. Here Tia is looking at Anika and thinks I will kill you soon. Tia says to Anika that you can enjoy here because I will not leave you alive.

In the next day morning, Anika remembers her words that how she confessed that she loves Shivaay. But after this, she decides that she won’t come in front of Shivaay from now onwards. Here Shivaay wakes up. Anika sees him and then hides herself behind the sofa. Shivaay gets up and thinks where is Anika?

Anika is coming in the kitchen after some time. Here Sahil and Rudra are making Sahil’s school project. He asks Rudra what is love? Rudra replies that there are three definitions of love in this house. Sahil asks what? Rudra gets up and says that Love is just a deal by Shivaay Bhaiya. But according to OM, love is a special feeling which we feel once in our life for only one person.

Ishqbaaz 20th January 2017 Written Update:

The third one statement is from Rudra and hence according to me, we can do love so many times and sometimes, we like someone more as compared to others. Sahil says yes. Both starts to think about Soumya. Sahil and Rudra are getting into dreams of Soumya. Here Shivaay is coming in the kitchen where Anika hides herself behind the slab. After some time when Shivaay take the  water, Anika runs away from there. Shivaay feels Anika’s presence there.

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Therefore, Shivaay is coming towards her room by talking with someone via phone. Anika says to god to please send Shivaay to an office for some urgent meeting, so that I will ignore him easily. But Shivaay comes there. Anika hides herself in the Almira. But when someone tells Shivaay that file is in Almira. Shivaay says that let me check out file in the Almira. When he opens the Almira, he gets Anika there. He gets shocked and asks what are you doing here?

Anika replies that I am coming here to take my clothes. Suddenly, Anika goes from there. Shivaay gets shocked and thinks that maybe Anika is mad and crazy. Don’t know what is she doing all the time. After some time, he hears some murmuring sound below the bed. Shivaay gets down and sees Anika there where she is murmuring something by closing her eyes. Shivaay gets shattered to think that what is going on? What happened to her?

Tia makes a call to her mother and says today I will throw Anika out from this house at any cost. Shivaay says to Anika that I will search you out soon. Shivaay makes a call and then says that Hello Mishra, I am coming to an office soon. After to say this, Shivaay hides herself behind the pillar. Anika comes out from there and sits on the bed because she feels free in Shivaay’s absence. Shivaay comes there and sits with her.

Ishqbaaz 20th January 2017 Written Update:

He says Hi to Anika. Anika replies Hi but when she sees Shivaay is sitting with her. She gets up and asks what are you doing here? Shivaay asks her what are you doing from morning? You were hiding yourself. Why? Anika is no looking towards him. Shivaay says her to look towards him right now. She looks on. She starts to cry a lot and hugs Shivaay. He asks what happened? Why are you crying like this? Is everything alright? She says that everything was alright, but no nothing is alright. Shivaay says that you don’t worry, I will handle everything.

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