Ishqbaaz 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 20th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Shivaay and Anika are coming in the hall room where an engagement function is going on. Rudra asks Shivaay why didn’t he change the clothes? Shivaay says that I just do dry clean and now I am ready for the function. Omkara asks Shivaay Is everything alright? Shivaay says that yes I am alright. He hugs Shivaay. Rudra asks how Omruh moment can happen without me. Rudra hugs Shivaay and Omkara both. Fake Shivaay is getting irritated by this family drama.

Suddenly, Pinky is coming there and says that this marriage will not happen now. All people are getting shocked. Dadi and Jhanvi are asking to Pinky that why is she saying all this? Tej says that Pinky is saying all this only because of her own insecurity. Pinky asks what insecurity? Tej says that you are not ready to see Kamini in this home. So that’s why you are saying this. Pinky says that I don’t have any insecurity from her. Jhanvi asks  you tell me what happened?

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Ishqbaaz 20th March Written Episode Update:

Pinky says that Kamini demanded 2 crores jewelry from us on this engagement function. This is wrong. Tej says if can’t break this relationship only because of 2 crores. This is such a small amount and not a big deal for us. He asks Shakti? Is it alright? Shakti says yes, Tej bhai sahab is saying the right. Pinky says that it’s not a matter of 2 crores but to demand something is very wrong.

Dadi says that we just ask Shivaay about his decision because his decision will be the final decision. Fake Shivaay says that I am ready to give 2 crores jewelry. Even I will give 5 crores jewelry to them. Pinky shouts very badly and says that he is not my Shivaay. Fake Shivaay looks on. Here Real Shivaay is trying to run away from his kidnapping place. But he is sticking somewhere he is feeling electric current everywhere. He gets shattered very badly and thinks how will he run away from this place.

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Ishqbaaz 20th March Written Episode Update:

Fake Shivaay says to Rudra to order 5 crores jewelry and says them to deliver this jewelry till tomorrow morning. Rudra says ok. Pinky is getting angry and then going inside the room. Fake Shivaay is going behind her and makes her relax by saying that Priyanka’s happiness is more important as compared to our dignity. Pinky says you hurt me very badly. Fake Shivaay says sorry to her.

Anika is coming in the room and asks Shivaay why is he looking so tensed? Fake Shivaay starts to shout at her very badly. Anika asks him why is he behaving like this? Shivaay bursts out on her and says that I want some space and that’s why  I am going outside to get sleep. Anika says that it’s your room and you have to sleep here. So that I am going outside to get sleep. Shivaay says ok. Anika gets so hurt.

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