Ishqbaaz 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Anika tells Shivaay that nothing big has happened into her life yet but now when something is happening in her life, she doesn’t know what to do. Shivaay replies that I understand everything, even I am also passing through the same situation. Something is happening with me also. Anika looks on shockingly. She asks what?

Shivaay replies that I don’t know ow to deal with these attacks, evil plottings, and all. I am so confused. Anika gets silent. Shivaay says her to take some rest and spends some time with own self. Due to which you will feel good and relaxing. Anika says ok. But suddenly, Shivaay is coming near to her, catches her head in his hands calmly,  and kisses her head with a very soft touch.

A song plays on,”Oh Jaana, Khoya Khoya Rehta Hai Dil Tadap Ke Kehta Hai, Tu Hai Meri Jeene Ji Vajah. After this, Shivaay goes from there. Anika says that you are creating more problems for me, your changing avatar impresses me very badly and even attracts me toward you Shivaay. But after this, Anika decides to make herself strong to face such type of feelings and situations.

Shivaay is going outside. In between, he meets Rudra and asks where is Omkara? Rudra laughs and replies that Omkara is getting like Taj Mahal, like everyone is going to see him. Shivaay asks where is he? Rudra replies he is not in his room, he is outside. Shivaay gets angry by saying that he is not picking my call and I am tensed for him. Here Anika is going in Sahil’s room and asks him about his project.

Ishqbaaz 21st January 2017 Written Update:

Sahil replies that he is trying hard to complete the project but I have to break these glasses in very small pieces and then paste on this house. Anika says ok let me break these glasses. Anika brings the glass in the kitchen to break it. But when she goes to Sahil’s room to bring something else. But as we know evil minded Tia is planning something big for her. She comes there and adds these breakable glass pieces in the sugar. Read more-> Ishqbaaz 23rd January 2017 written update.

Pinky is coming towards the kitchen. Tia sees her and then starts to do a drama of getting faint. Pinky handles her and asks what happened? Tia replies I didn’t do breakfast today. So that I am feeling weak. Pinky calls one servant and says her to bring an orange juice for Tia. Tia says the servant to add two spoon sugar in the juice. But when Shamma (servant) fills juice in the glass. Anika says let me add sugar in this.

Pinky sees Anika during to add the sugar. After some time, when Tia take a sip of orange juice, her lips is getting injured by the small glass piece. Tia screams in a pain. Dadi comes there. Pinky check out the juice and says that Anika added sugar in this and at the same time, she has added small glass pieces in this juice just to kill Tia’s baby. Dadi says Anika never do this. Pinky says I saw her by my eyes. Tia is getting happy from her heart.

Ishqbaaz 21st January 2017 Written Update:

After some time, Pinky calls all people in the hall room just to showcase Anika’s case that how she have added small glass pieces. Shivaay, Rudra, Omkara, Sahil, Jhanvi are coming there. Pinky blames Anika for attempting to kill Tia’s baby by adding glass pieces in her juice. But Anika says I never think to do this. Shivaay says I saw Anika by saving Tia’s life then how is it possible that she tried to kill Tia’s baby. Anika cries and says to Shivaay that she didn’t do anything.

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  1. mohandas

    I was under the impression after continuing to watch Isqbaaz serial, that this serial will be different from other serials and episode writers. This serial also seems to be dragging on without creating any interest for the viewers.There is no reality in this serial.Tia’s group keeps going on and on to eliminate Anika. The investigator appointed by Shivaay had still not come to give the report that Tia is not pregnant and all three are trying to destroy the Oberoi family. Hope these things happen sooner for viewers to enjoy the serial.

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