Ishqbaaz 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 21st March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the fake Shivaay is hiding behind the curtain. Here Anika is trying to find out him but she is not getting him anywhere. Even though, Anika calls Rudra there and says him that Shivaay is not at home. Rudra and Anika are going everywhere but do not get Shivaay in the home. Shivaay sees them and gets shocked. He thinks how will he go out in front of everyone. Something is falling down.

Pinky wakes up and then says to Shakti that I heard some sound. Shakti says that you just sleep down and let me sleep now. Pinky says no and I am going from here right now. Pinky is asking Rudra and Anika there. She asks what happened? Anika and Rudra are saying that everything is finished now because Shivaay is not present at home. Pinky gets worried. Anika and Rudra are saying that we were trying to find out Shivaay in Pool Area, Garden, Kitchen, and Gym area.

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Ishqbaaz 21st March Written Episode Update:

After this, fake Shivaay is coming there and says that I am here. Anika says I searched out you here but I don’t get you. Shivaay says I am here. Pinky asks what are you doing  in the kitchen? Shivaay says I am preparing for the breakfast. Pinky gets shocked. Anika and Rudra are asking Shivaay that why is he doing all this in a mid night. Shivaay says I am not sleeping and that’s why I have decided to prepare the breakfast. Anika and Rudra are going away from there.

Pinky is seeing jewelry in the hall room. Dadi and Jhanvi are also sitting there. A jeweler is coming there to deliver jewelry for Priyanka’s marriage. She says to the Jeweler that we are not a poor man, we are Oberoi’s. So you just show me the classic one. She takes one jewelry out of so many and asks Dadi that do you like this? Dadi says yes. Later Pinky says that we will send this jewelry to Kamini’s home and then her relatives will dance after to wear this 5 crores jewelry. Dadi stops her and stops her by saying that all servants are here. So don’t use such type of words in front of them.

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Ishqbaaz 21st March Written Episode Update:

After some time, fake Shivaay is coming there and says that I am happy to see all this. But now all people are asking Shivaay that you liked this jewelry or not. Shivaay says yes it’s good but where will you put this jewelry. Dadi says to Pinky that you will keep this jewelry in your locker. Shivaay says no. Dadi asks what? Pinky says that yes, I will keep this jewelry inside. Later Shivaay says to all that you may come here and starts to do a breakfast because breakfast is ready. Pinky says that you may come here and tells me why are you saying this? Shivaay says I prepared all the breakfast here for you and that’s why I am calling you.

All people are coming there for the breakfast. Anika says to Shivaay that you don’t worry, you just sit here and let me serve the food. Shivaay says no it’s ok, you just sit down and I will serve the food because I am not tired yet. Anika gets shocked. All people starts to eat food. Shivaay stands there. But Shivaay is thinking about the jewelry like how will he steal that jewelry.

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