Ishqbaaz 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Mrs. Kapoor is making an evil plan. She is adding a chemical in a mehndi solution. After some time, Mrs. Khurana says to Pinky that mehendi is looking very dry. So we have to add something in it and makes it good solution. Pinky says to Anika to add some clove oil in this mixture and then mix it with your hands.

Anika is coming there and starts to mix clove oil in the mehendi. Pinky says to Anika to add this mixture with your hand. Suddenly, Shivaay gets someone’s phone call. Suddenly, he looks behind and sees that Anika is about to put her hands in mehendi mixture. He stops Anika from doing this. Then, Mehendi bowl is falling down and then mat gets burn down. Pinky screams to see this.

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Ishqbaaz 22nd February 2017 Written Update:

Pinky asks Shivaay that who have added chemical in this mehendi. Shivaay says I don’t know. Dadi asks the same. Shivaay calls Khanna and says him to bring footage here because I want to see who add chemical in this mehendi. Mrs. Khurana is saying to Svetlana that how did he come to know about the chemical. Who informed him? Even I didn’t share my plan with you.

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Svetlana replies that maybe some saw you to do all this. Pinky brings another mehendi and says to Shivaay to do the ritual now. Shivaay sits there. Here Mrs. Khurana and Svetlana are looking so happy to see all this. Tia asks Shivaay that may I write “T” on your hand because I also write your name in my mehendi. Pinky is looking at Tia and says that Tia is my lovely daughter and you don’t ask anything to him. You just write whatever you want to write. Tia is writing “T” letter on his hand. But Priyanka comes there and Tia’s writes “A” instead of T  on Shivaay’s hand.

Ishqbaaz 22nd February 2017 Written Episode

Dadi is getting so happy and says, this is all about destiny. Pinky says I don’t believe in all of this. She tells Tia to write T again on his palm. Shivaay says this function is looking so boring without music. All people starts to do a dance on the song,”Gaddi Big Bang Di.” Shivaay is romancing Anika in between this. Suddenly, he sees a girl in music party women who is completely different from them. Shivaay runs towards her and she also runs away. She is Romi who is running in front of Shivaay. Later she makes a call to Shivaay and says that I know why are you marrying Tia? I know about that Daima’s video. But now you don’t follow me. Shivaay asks who are you and what do you want? She replies that I will tell you everything but on the right time, not now. In the night time, Shivaay is looking tensed. Pinky comes there with more designs of Sherwani. Shivaay says that I have a headache and that’s why you will come here later. Pinky goes from there. Anika gives a medicine to Shivaay and says him to take rest. Svetlana says to Tia that Shivaay is having a headache and that’s why you have to go there and find out the truth.

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