Ishqbaaz 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 22nd March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which fake Shivaay is going to Pinky’s room and then starts to collect all the jewelry in one bag, He just clean out the locker and thinks that now he is becoming rich. This is the high time to collect more money and property from Oberoi. Even this is such a high time to take revenge from Oberoi. Let see what will be the next. Will someone catch Shivaay during to steal the jewelry?

Here real Shivaay is trying to run away from his kidnapping place. He is taking all his steps carefully by saving him from the light beams. But here fake Shivaay is coming out from Pinky’s room. Soumya sees him and thinks what is he doing here. Real Shivaay is falling down very badly in the home. Anika feels something bad and she shouts Shivaay’s name. She is running to find out Shivaay. She thinks where is Shivaay?

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Ishqbaaz 22nd March Written Episode Update:

Fake Shivaay is coming there and thinks like all wives are same. Anika asks him where were you? Why are you behaving like this? Shivaay says that I was taking an urgent call. Anika asks really? Where is your phone? Fake Shivaay says that I don’t know, maybe my phone is in my room. Anika says you are behaving so strange like you are here and your phone is in your room. What is going on? Shivaay shouts on her very badly and says that you are behaving so strange.

You are asking a number of questions to me why? Anika says that I am generally asking? Shivaay says her no to ask any more questions to me. Anika keeps quite and starts to remove Shivaay’s apron. He takes a step behind and then shouts. Anika ask what happened? Shivaay says you tell me, what are you doing this. Anika says I am removing your apron. Shivaay says that I am making a breakfast for my mom. So let it be. Anika is coming near to the dining table where Pinky asks her what happened? Where is Shivaay?

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Ishqbaaz 22nd March Written Episode Update:

Here Shivaay is coming in a conscious situation. Suddenly, he sees one maid there. Real Shivaay starts to ask so many questions to him like who took me here? Whose house is this? What am I doing here? Who kidnapped me? But she is not replying anything. Suddenly, Shivaay hears one sound of girl and she is saying to Shivaay that maid is dumb. So that she is unable to say anything. Even she is unable to hear anything. Shivaay is getting shocked and then try to make her understand like he needs a phone and wants to make a call to his family just to inform them about him. But a maid is not replying anything to him. Shivaay is getting tensed. Later a maid is coming there with a phone. Real Shivaay takes a phone and makes a call to Oberoi house. Anika picks up the phone.

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