Ishqbaaz 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on TellySerialUpdate

 The show starts with the scene in which Sahil is getting kidnapped by the goons and here Anika is looking for him in the house. Here Shivaay is trying to find out Sahil. Later Shivaay is coming back to the home whereas Anika asks him about Sahil. Shivaay says that you don’t worry, I will find out him at any cost.  Naintara is coming to Anika’s room and asks her which room is best because Shivaay told her to choose any room to stay here. Anika gets angry over her.

Later Anika makes a call to the Boarding school and comes to know about the missing report of Sahil. She gets tensed. Anika makes a call to Shivaay and asks him what happened to Sahil? Shivaay says what happened? Anika says that I know something wrong happened to him. Where is he? Why were you telling a lie to me? Shivaay says I was trying to tell you everything indirectly but you didn’t understand my clue. Anika says that I know everything that he is not my mother and that’s why I was getting angry. She asks Shivaay that where are you?

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Shivaay says I am just trying to find out Sahil here and you don’t worry, I will bring him back at any cost. Anika says I am getting restless this time and that’s why I want to help you. Shivaay says no. Let me do everything on my own. Anika says no I also want to help you. Shivaay says no. Actually, I was doing wrong with Sahil during my marriage time but now I want to correct my mistake by saving his life.

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Anika says ok I am not coming here but you just tell me where are you this time? Shivaay does a video call and shows a location to Anika. He is nearby a sea. Anika says to Shivaay that you have to find out Sahil in the boats which are present here. Shivaay says ok. Here Omkara, Jhanvi, and Buama are catching real Svetlana in the room.

Ishqbaaz 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Here fake Svetlana is getting tensed to think that where is real Svetlana? Suddenly, Omkara meets her and asks her to stay away from him because he is a married man now. Svetlana says when I came closer to you? Omkara says you came close to me before some time. Svetlana thinks that maybe real Svetlana was meeting him but thank god he didn’t recognize her. Later Svetlana caths Gauri by making her faint and kept her in a freezer. Here Omkara, Buama, and Jhanvi are talking to real Svetlana and came to know that fake Svetlana was keeping her in the freezer just to save herself.

In the night time, Shivaay is coming back to the home whereas Anika is coming out and asks Shivaay where is Sahil? Shivaay looks on. Suddenly, Sahil is coming there. Anika is getting so much happy and then hugs him very tightly. Shivaay hugs them too. Anika says thank you to him. He says I don’t like you in tears. Anika asks where did you get Sahil? Shivaay says I got him in the boat.

Fake Svetlana is coming there and calls Omkara outside. He asks what happened? I don’t have much time to to waste with you. Svetlana says that don’t you meet your wife? Omkara asks where is she? Svetlana says that I kept her inside the refrigerator and I can also increase the temperature now.  Omkara says her to get relax now. You just tell me, what do you want?

Svetlana says that if you want your wife back then you have to handover Svetlana to me. Both are fighting witheach other. Here Anika says to Shivaay that I will be going to through this Naintara out from this house. Shivaay controls her.


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