Ishqbaaz 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Tia is coming in Shivaay’s room and asks him are you alright? I heard you are having a headache. Shivaay replies I am alright now. Tia says I think you are getting surround by negative energies. So you need an ORA massage. Anika comes there. Shivaay asks Tia that will you give me a head massage or not? Tia says sure. She starts to give head massage to Shivaay. He shows like he is feeling so good. Pinky comes there and gives one work to Anika.

She tells Anika to make a fresh flowers garland. But Anika is looking towards Shivaay and Tia. Pinky comes there and scolds Anika very badly by asking her what are you doing this? Shivaay sends Tia from there and says her to take rest. Anika sees that she broke all the flowers instead to make garland of these flowers. Dadi comes there and asks what happened? Pinky shows those flowers. Dadi says it’s ok we will order new flowers. Pinky says my head is paining. Dadi says her to take rest for sometime.

Shivaay says that I know you all people are getting angry on these flowers. Anika brings a knife there. Shivaay asks her what are you doing with this. Anika replies this is what I have learned from you. Shivaay catches her in his arms and a sons plays on,”Tu Hai Mere Jeene Ki Vajah.”

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Ishqbaaz 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Romi looks for the phone here and there. Then she gets a chip there and thinks that she will have to give this chip to Shivaay as soon as possible. She makes a call to Shivaay and says that I will give that video tomorrow during the sangeet function. Shivaay asks what do you want in return? Romi says that I want Oberoi family special necklace which your mother will be going to give Tia but I want that necklace not Tia. Shivaay asks how will I give that necklace to you? Even I don’t see your face yet.

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Romi says that you don’t worry, I will inform you that where you will send the necklace. Shivaay is coming in Pinky’s room and says that I am coming here to say goodnight to you. Pinky says oh my dear son. He sits with Pinky and asks him what are you doing now? Pinky says I am bringing out all the jewelry which I will give to Tia and fulfill my all wishes. Shivaay sees that Oberoi family necklace. He thinks how will he get this necklace from Pinky’s locker.

Ishqbaaz 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Dadi is coming to give a new dress to Anika and says that I want to see you beautiful in today’s function because you are my daughter-in-law instead of Tia. So you have to look beautiful. Here Shivaay talk to someone and comes to know that Omkara is not in the train which was coming towards Bombay. Here Shivaay is looking towards Anika and gets mesmerized. Later Dadi is coming to talk to Shivaay and asks what do you think? Are you doing right? Shivaay says I don’t know. Dadi asks him what Tia wears? Shivaay says I don’t know dadi. Dadi asks what Anika wears? Shivaay says everything to dadi about Anika’s dress. Dadi says that I got my answer. Dadi smiles. Later Romi makes a call to Shivaay and says that I though you don’t want the video. Shivaay asks why are you saying this? Romi replies that Tia is wearing that necklace which Pinky was giving to her.

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