Ishqbaaz 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 23rd March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Kamini is coming to Oberoi house with her relatives. Pinky handovers all jewelry to them and says them to see this. If you won’t like the jewelry designs then we will change them as soon as possible. Kamini says why not? We will definitely check out everything. But Kamini’s relatives are checking out jewelry very cheaply. Pinky asks what is this? Don’t you show like we gave you a duplicate

Don’t you show like we gave you a duplicate jewelry. Fake Shivaay is getting happy to think that now everyone will come to know about fake jewelry. Due to which Shivaay’s name will be getting ruined. Later he checks out the stolen jewelry but he doesn’t get it. He gets shocked. Here Shivaay is getting a phone from te maid and he makes a call to Oberoi mansion. Fortunately, Anika takes the call but then the phone gets switched off.

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Ishqbaaz 23rd March Written Episode Update:

Here a man is coming by wearing a mask near to the real Shivaay. Shivaay is looking at him very strangely. That Mask man is coming near to the Shivaay and says that I know you are getting scared to see me. Even I am so happy to see when powerful people gets scared of me. He asks Shivaay where is the phone? Shivaay is getting silent. Then a Mask man says that we are giving all facilities according to your standard. But now you are forcing me to do something wrong with you. Shivaay looks on and says that I don’t have any phone. Mask Man says that I know you make a call before some time but now you are denying for this. So let me show you something good. He starts to count 1, 2,3 and suddenly the bomb blasts outside. Shivaay gets shocked. Here Anika thinks that who is calling her again and again. She decides to make a callback. But later she drops her idea because she is getting busy in Priyanka’s marriage preparations.

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Ishqbaaz 23rd March Written Episode Update:

Then a mask man says that a girl who gave a phone to you. She is getting die only because of you. Shivaay is getting shocked. Mask man says that when she was coming inside, she was having a phone along with her. But when she went out. She didn’t have a phone with her. It clearly shows that you are having a phone here. Shivaay says that I don’t have any phone. Mask man says that ok let me search out here and if I will get a phone here then I will show you what am I? He starts to check out that room but when he is near to the phone. Shivaay catches him and asks who are you? Why are you doing this? What do you want? Mask Man says that you just wait and watch. Just let me find out the phone right now and next target will be your life.

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