Ishqbaaz 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Pinky is shouting very badly and asking where is my necklace because someone steals Oberoi family top necklace. Dadi says Anika is not that type of girl. Here Shivaay is going outside from there by taking that necklace. He is trying to find out the necklace. Later all people are gathering in a hall room and start to dance with each other on the song i.e ,”Raat Baki, Baat Baki.”

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All are changing their partners. Now Anika is coming in Shivaay’s arms. A song is playing on i.e,”Jeene Ki Vajah.” Shivaay asks whose that? Anika asks who? Shivaay asks how many boys are present in your life? Anika replies yes I know only Rohit who called me last time. Apart from this, my memory is lost and that’s why I don’t know about more. Later Shivaay is coming near to the drink glasses and puts that necklace in one of the glass as per said by Romi to him.

Ishqbaaz 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Romi is changing her get up and comes towards him. Shivaay is trying to find out her. Suddenly, Pinky is coming there and says him to come with her because she wanted to introduce Shivaay with someone. Shivaay gets Romi’s call and says that I already gave a necklace to you. But where is my chip? Anika hears it and then she goes near to Tia.

Anika asks her where is your necklace? Tia checks out her neck and then necklace is missing. Everybody gets shocked. Pinky orders to check all staff here. Romi makes a call to Shivaay and says him to stops this checking. Shivaay says my work is to handover the necklace to you. It’s not my work. Romi says that I already put that necklace in Anika’s purse. If you won’t stop this, then your Anika will get stuck in this.

Shivaay gets shocked. Here Pinky says to Anika to stand in the queue of the staff. Dadi says that Anika is not a staff, she is a daughter-in-law of this house. Shivaay is playing a game and saves Anika from this. Dadi asks Anika that are you alright? Anika replies yes. Dadi says sorry on Pinky’s behalf.

Romi is thinking that she will definitely give this chip to Shivaay because she will definitely expose Mrs. Kapoor, Tia, and Svetlana in front of Oberoi family because Robin is Romi’s brother and Tia killed Robin for her plan. This thing force Romi to take opposite action against Mrs. Kapoor, Tia, and Svetlana.

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Ishqbaaz 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Shivaay is giving that necklace to Romi. Later he makes a call to her and asks where is my chip? Romi says that I am going upstairs. Shivaay says ok and then goes towards the stairs. Mrs. Kapoor is coming there and says to Shivaay that you never make me fool because I know everything about the matter. Shivaay says that I am marrying your daughter this time then what’s your problem. Mrs. Kapoor replies that you just make sure that nothing will happen wrong. Shivaay says ok. Svetlana comes there and says that Shivaay is looking so much confident. Mrs. Kapoor says you don’t worry, I have a chip. Let me check it out again. She checks out but doesn’t get chip in her watch. Svetlana and Mrs. Kapoor are getting shocked very badly. They are going upstairs and catches Romi red handed. Shivaay doubts and then he enters in the same room.

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