Ishqbaaz 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 24th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Kamini is making a bad comment on Pinky by taking a topic of duplicate jewelry. Suddenly, Anika is coming there and says to Kamini that I have something which is more valuable as compare to this jewelry. Kamini asks what? Anika shows two bangles. Kamini asks Am I looking a fool? Anika says no and says that, these bangles worth rupees 10 lakhs. Kamini looks ok. Even Fake Shivaay and Pinky are also getting shocked.

Kamini says that it’s ok but we have to find out that person who have stolen all jewelry. She is looking towards Pinky. Then Pinky is getting angry and says that I didn’t do anything then why are you looking at me like this. Fake Shivaay thinks that everyone is waiting for my response. So that I have to do something. He says to Kamini that don’t you say anything to my mom because she is not that type of lady. But after that we will find out that person who have stolen the jewelry.

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Ishqbaaz 24th March Written Episode Update:

Fake Shivaay says to Kamini that I hope we will meet in Shagun tonight. Kamini says yes, you are saying right. Later Tej says thank you to Anika because she handles everything. Dadi is getting tensed and thinks that why all problems are coming in this function? Pinky makes her relax and says that I didn’t do anything. Please trust me. Anika asks Shivaay that I did right? Fake Shivaay says that yes you were doing right. Otherwise, the police will come here and a big problem will happen. Anika says I am not talking about the police. I am talking about the bangles.

Fake Shivaay says that from where you bought these bangles. Anika gets shocked. She makes him remember that he gave these bangles to her before some time. She gets upset from Shivaay’s side and then goes away from there. Fake Shivaay is getting tensed to think that how will h make Anika relax? It’s really difficult to make other’s wife happy. He is trying hard to make her happy. But Anika says that you are not my Shivaay. You are Duplicate Shivaay. Due to which a fake Shivaay is getting shattered. Later Anika laughs.

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Ishqbaaz 24th March Written Episode Update:

She says to Shivaay that I think my husband is getting changed and that’s why I was saying that you are changed. Fake Shivaay is feeling relax after to see this. Anika is getting romantic but fake Shivaay is taking a step behind. But Anika is saying aww. Fake Shivaay thinks that why is she saying like I am a dog and she is releasing out this sound for a dog. In an evening time, Shivaay is putting Almira keys in his pocket and decides to hide these keys in his room. But suddenly, Anika comes there and asks him don’t you get ready yet? Shivaay says that I am going now to get ready. Anika says ok do it fast.

Shivaay looks behind. Suddenly, Pinky is coming there and asks what happened? Shivaay asks what? Pinky asks why don’t you get ready? Shivaay replies that I am going now. Pinky says ok. Shivaay is looking scared. But his phone rings up. He takes out his phone from his pocket and this time, keys are falling outside. Soumya takes those keys and then asks Dadi whose key is this? Dadi says, these are Pinky’s key. Fake Shivaay sees them and gets shocked very badly.

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