Ishqbaaz 25th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 25th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which fake Shivaay is trying to stop Soumya from handover the keys to Pinky. He calls her and says that these are duplicate keys and I have so many duplicate keys of all almirah’s of this house. This is just for the safety concern and nobody knew about this. Soumya says that it’s ok bade bhaiya, I know you can do everything for his family’s goodness. Fake Shivaay is getting relax to get the keys.

Here Pinky is running near to Shivaay by shouting like please save me, she will kill me. Dadi and all people are getting shocked to hear this. Shivaay asks what happened? Pinky says that she will kill me. Fake Shivaay asks who? Pinky points someone. Fake Shivaay says that she is Mrs. Randhawa, the Priyanku’s mother-in-law. Pinky says whatever, but the truth is, she is trying to kill me. Kamini says that I am coming here now and after that, she is blaming me.

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Ishqbaaz 25th March Written Episode Update:

Pinky says that she was coming in my room when I was going into my room to take out Shakti’s clothes. She told me that I will kill you before the function will get complete. Pinky added that she catches my neck too because she is angry to saw the duplicate jewelry. Kamini says that I don’t know what are you saying this? I am just coming here and it doesn’t mean that I threatened him very badly.

Here Priyanka is getting tensed to think that, her pregnancy news will expose out soon. Then what will I do? Anika is going near to her and try to make her relax. But Priyanku is still getting tensed. Fake Shivaay thinks that I have to say something now because everyone is waiting for my words. Shivaay says to Kamini that I think my mother is getting tensed by some matter and that’s why she is behaving like this.

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All people are coming together in Priyanka and Ranveer’s function. All are looking so beautiful and happy for the marriage. But don’t know what happened? Fake Shivaay says to Kamini that I am sorry on my mother’s behalf and she can’t repeat this again in the future. Kamini smiles. Anika is coming there and says to Shivaay that Pinky never tells a lie because she can say whatever she is having inside hr heart. Pinky looks on.

Ishqbaaz 25th March Written Episode Update:

Kamini says that it means I did this. Even when I am coming here soon. Shivaay says to Anika to shut up and let him to handle this matter now. But Pinky gets so much angry and then says to fake Shivaay that you are not my son. Pinky says to Shivaay that my Shivaay can do anything for me but you didn’t do anything for me. It means you are not my Shivaay, you are someone else. She leaves the place. Dadi is trying to stop Pinky.

Later Shivaay says to Kamini that let we start the shagun function and I will talk to mom later on. Anika thinks that Shivaay is passing through a difficult time because one side he is thinking about Priyanka’s happiness and another side, he is thinking about his mother too. Here real Shivaay is trying to find out the phone. Suddenly, a girl is coming there and gives a phone to him. He asks who are you? She replies that my story is so long. But now you are just bringing a help here and then save your life. Shivaay takes the phone.

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