Ishqbaaz 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on TellySerialUpdate

Shivaay is getting tensed and he stands in the kitchen. Suddenly, Omkara and Rudra are coming there. They are asking him what happened? Are you thinking about Anika’s bhabhi? Shivaay replies that I am thinking about her like she is my wife and that’s why I want to know about her past. I want to know about her life. Anika comes there and says that I know very well that when this matter comes in front of everyone then I lost you. I lost my everything just for this thing. Anika added that you are giving a more importance to your khoon khandand all instead of me.

Anika is leaving Oberoi Mansion and then goes somewhere else. Shivaay is trying to stop her but Anika finally leaves the Oberoi mansion. Rudra is also there. Shivaay says that did you see how will she go out without to hear me. Even I have to make her understand the situation. Rudra says that you won’t make her understand. Pinky is coming there and says that it’s good that Anika left the home. She is so much understanding and that’s why she took that decision.

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Ishqbaaz 26th April Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story

Pinky says to Shivaay to give divorce to her and then I will bring so many respected family girls here. Shivaay stops Pinky from saying anything else about Anika. Pinky says ok now you have closed my mouth but what will you say to your children. Shivaay is going inside and sits aside of Sahil. Sahil asks your phone balance is finished? Shivaay says I have a postpaid number. Sahil says him to make a call to Anika di. He makes a call to Anika but she cuts the call. Later Sahil says to Shivaay to bring Anika back to the home.  Shivaay says that I don’t where is she? Sahil says that Anika di is at Chanda’s home.

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Shivaay is going to Chanda’s house and introduces himself to that girl like he is Anika’s husband. Even he wants to meet her now. Anika says to her friend that she doesn’t want to meet Shivaay. Anika closed the door on Shivaay’s mouth. Shivaay starts to blow the horn continuously. All people are getting irritating because of this horn. Anika comes out and throws a water on his face. All people are laughing at Shivaay. Anika is coming inside.

Ishqbaaz 26th April Written Episode Update

Later Shivaay is coming inside and throws water on Anika too. Chanda laughs and says that you both are same. Even you both are same. Shivaay lifts Anika in his arms and brings her outside. All people are trying to stop Shivaay from doing all of this. Shivaay asks with which right, you are trying to stop me? They are asking the same like with which right you are taking her away? Shivaay says that she is my wife. Everyone gets aside and let him go from here.

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