Ishqbaaz 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Anika says to Tia that till now we were in fighting as enemies but from now onwards the fight is in between the wife and the outside lady. In this fight, I will defeat you very badly. Tia is getting scared and then says to Anika that you won’t do anything, I will see you in this fight. Anika laughs and says that your fear is on your face. Here Tia is going to meet two another girls who were getting failed in trapping Om and Rudra. These two girls are also coming there to meet Tia. All of these three are deciding to ruin the reputation of Oberoi family and ruins everything very badly. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 26th December 2016 written update. Tia says that Anika is such a big hurdle in my way. So that I won’t see her face again. I want to kill her. Tia’s elder sister says to her that our target is not Anika, our target is something else and we will ruin our target only, I know they snatched everything from us. Tia is having two more sisters which are helping her in every plan. They are joining their hands and says that,’Barso Ka Gussa Hai Mann Me, Ese Dushman Hain Hum, Oberoi’s Ko Barbaad Karenge Ese Nafratbaaj Hain Hum.’ After this, Tia’s elder sister says to Tia that it’s a time to take an entry an Oberoi house. Tia says that whether you believe or not but Anika will be the biggest hurdle in our plan. So that we will remove her from our way at any cost.

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Ishqbaaz 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Here Shivaay is getting tensed and he is thinking about Tia. Anika is coming there and asks Are you tensed? I know everything is getting alright soon but we have to think about this matter again. Anika added that I know you are innocent and you didn’t do this. Shivaay says whatever, two medical reports are never getting wrong. Don’t you have any trust on DNA report. Anika says that I trust you only. Shivaay says that now the time has gone and we are getting late in proving anything else. Anika says that you never feel defeated yet, you saved my life, you saved Rudra and Om’s life, and you resolved everything. Then, why are you feeling as looser this time. Why? Shivaay and Anika are meeting their eyes and then feels little relax. Suddenly, Soumya is coming there and says to Shivaay to come downstairs because Tia and some press reporters are coming there. Shivaay and Anika are running down stairs. They are getting Tia with some reporters. Tia says to Shivaay that reporters are following me from the morning and now I am coming here. All media is coming here too. All the reporters are asking Shivaay about his happiness for the baby. He says I am happy and this is my personal matter. Even I don’t want to share this happiness with you and now you may go from here. Tia smiles and Anika is feeling so bad. Anika is coming in the kitchen and doing some work. She thinks that 100 chudails were getting to die and then Tia took a birth. Suddenly, Tia is coming there and asks what are you doing here? Anika replies that I am preparing food for my husband. Tia says you shutup, Shivaay is not your husband. Anika says he is my husband and this is my house. So let me to do work. Tia says this is not your home and Shivaay will give you the divorce tomorrow and then you will go away from here. Anika says that when he will give divorce to me then I will go from here. But before that this is my home and I have to stay here.

Ishqbaaz 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

After some time, Tia is coming there in Shivaay’s room. Shivaay asks what is this Tia? She replies that I am bringing food for you and you have to eat this. Shivaay says that I don’t want any food. Tia says you will eat food now otherwise I won’t take the food. As you already know, if I don’t eat food in this condition then how will baby effect by this. She is doing drama. Shivaay makes her to sit here easily. Tia says him to give divorce to Anika as soon as possibl because maa is really worried about me and she is saying all this. Shivaay says that we are already married in fron tof media then whats the problem. Tia replies that if Anika’s news will reveal out then what will we do? Shivaay says I have so much work pressure this time. So just let me go from here and I will look after this matter soon. Tia says him to eat food. He sits for the food and taste it. Shivaay says where is salt? Tia searches on the table but she doesn’t get salt there. Suddenly, Anika is coming there with salt and says that I brings a salt for Shivaay. Tia fumes.

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