Ishqbaaz 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz written update 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the stranger boy is coming to Oberoi Mansion whereas Shivaay asks who are you? He says that I am Abhay. Shivaay asks who Abhay? He smiles and says that nobody knows me but I am sure that dadi knows me. Dadi says that yes he is Abhay and he is a grandson of my friend Pammi. Dadi welcomes him and hugs him too.

Dadi informs everyone that he is a grandson of my friend. He brings mehendi for Anika. Shivaay asks how do you know that we need this mehendi. He says that I came to know about mehendi function from Dadi. So that I bring Mehendi. Dadi says that if someone gifts mehendi to the bride then this is so good shogun for the marriage.

Ishqbaaz 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

Dadi says to Shivaay and Anika to start the function. Shivaay says that I and Anika will say something to each other today before to start this function. Dadi asks what? Shivaay says that we will take vows before to start this function. Dadi and all people are getting so happy and excited to hear their vows. They are taking so many vows. Shivaay says to Anika aka Surbhi Chandna that you are the world’s most beautiful and wonderful girl whom I even meet into my life and that’s why I want to be with you always. Anika cries in happiness. Shivaay wipes her tears and then hugs her.

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Suddenly, the wedding board is falling down and then Abhay is coming in between them. He catches that board and then separates Anika and Shivaay. He catches that board and saves them. Later Omkara and Rudra helps him out. Dadi is coming there and sits with Anika to apply mehendi on her hand. After this, Dadi says to dhol people to play the dhol now. All people are dancing there in the marriage function. Shivaay, Rudra, Omkara, Tej Singh Oberoi, Shakti, Jhanvi, and Dadi are dancing together. Anika is looking at them so happy. Even though Sahil is also enjoying a lot his Anika didi’s marriage.

Ishqbaaz 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

After some time, Anika is also coming on the dance floor whereas Shivaay starts to dance with her. He catches Anika from her backside and she is feeling so good. Shivaay says to Anika that you are looking so beautiful today. Dadi covered Anika’s face with a dupatta. Shivaay says that how is it possible, I mean how will it possible that I will not see my wife’s face. Dadi says it’s a ritual and we have to perform it at any cost. Shivaay starts to do a video call to Anika. Dadi snatches his phone and Anika too. Shivaay asks why it is so? Dadi says that I am doing this. Otherwise, you guys will do a video call. So that I just want to stop this video calling for tomorrow because you guys will not see each other before marriage. In the night time, Shivaay, Rudra, and Omkara are enjoying a cocktail party by saying that it’s my last bachelor’s night. Rudra laughs. Shivaay asks why are you laughing a lot. Rudra says that you already spend so many times. Shivaay says him to keep quite.

Later Shivaay is missing Anika very badly because he is unable to hear Anika’s voice and even he is unable to see her face. Here Anika is also passing through the difficult time. Suddenly, Shivaay starts to sing a song. Anika is getting to hear this. She can also play the song. Shivaay is getting so happy to hear this from Anika’s room.

Here Omkara is recalling some moments in which Gauri was not saying anything to him. He is getting destructive. Jhanvi is coming there and asks him what happened? Omkara says that Gauri wants a break from me and even she is going somewhere for some time because she doesn’t want to spend some time with me. Jhanvi says that you have to ask her because you are a husband. Omkara says that she doesn’t tell me anything. So that you have to call her and asks where is she? Later Shivaay is calling Anika on the terrace. They are looking so much happy to see each other. Jhanvi is looking so much tensed. Tej is trying to make her understand that couples are facing issues in their life, it’s not a big thing.

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