Ishqbaaz 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz 28th April 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on TellySerialUpdate

Shivaay is coming inside the Orphanage and then thinks whether he will go inside or not? Finally, he is going inside and talks to the manager about this. Manager madam says that we can’t share any information with you. Shivaay says I am not doing any random inquiry. I am just asking about my wife Anika. He gets a file and reads it out. He gets shocked to read about Anika’s past. Here Anika is going to the hospital to find out her past. She wants to meet Dr. Goel.  Let see why will Anika do this?

He comes to know that Anika is T.V Bajaj’s daughter. She belongs to such a rich family. He is getting so happy. Pinky is also coming there behind Shivaay and comes to know that Anika is T.V Bajaj’s daughter. She gets shocked and thinks that Anika belongs to a rich family. After some time, she is coming back to the home and thinks that how will she throw Anika out from the house.

Ishqbaaz 28th April Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story

Shivaay is coming back to the home. Pinky asks him what happened? Shivaay says nothing I am fine. Pinky says that I am your mother and you have to tell me what happened to you? Shivaay hugs her and says that you are doing a great thing. You forced me to know about Anika’s past and finally, I came to know that she is Tarun Virendra Bajaj’s daughter. She belongs to a rich family. Pinky says I heard T.V Bajaj was having only one son who was getting die because of the plane crash.

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Shivaay says yes you heard right but I will be going to meet T.V Bajaj tomorrow and then I will give this good news to Anika. Shivaay is going from there. Pinky is getting shattered and thinks that what would she do for sending Anika out from the house. Shivaay is going into his room where he thinks that he will give good news to Anika tomorrow. But when he sits on the bed, Anika kicks him and he falls down. He shouts and starts his video maker. He wants to record Anika’s kick on the phone. Finally, Anika kicks him and then Shivaay records everything.

Ishqbaaz 28th April Written Episode Update

He shows that video to Anika but she denies and says that I am not in this video. Shivaay says really. You are this girl who kicked me before some time. In the next day morning, Shivaay is going to meet T.V Bajaj and talks to him. He asks Shivaay that what happened? Why are you looking worried? Do you want to ask me anything? Shivaay says that I know about your son and daughter-in-law like they got die in plane crash.

But I want to ask something about your granddaughter that why you left her in Orphanage. T.V Bajaj says that my granddaughter is in London and I was going to London just to meet her. Shivaay asks him that whom he left in the Hope Orphanage. T.V Bajaj thinks and says that I met one little girl in the temple. She was getting hungry and suffered also. She was getting faint and then I dropped her in the Orphanage. Shivaay is getting emotional and then comes back to the home. Pinky is coming out from the room and says thankyou to T.V Bajaj because he helped her out by telling the truth to her.

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