Ishqbaaz 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Daima is coming to meet Shivaay to give him a shocking news. She says to Shivaay that one of the Oberoi’s son is illegitimate. He gets shocked and asks which one? What are you saying all this? Mrs. Kapoor is also coming there and says that Mr. Tej Oberoi’s elder son Omkara is an illegitimate son but nobody knows about this.

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Shivaay says her to keep this secret as secret and don’t reveal it before anyone. She says to Shivaay to give divorce to Anika as soon as possible if he wants to save his families reputation. He says ok you don’t reveal it and I will give divorce to Anika asap. Mrs. Kapoor says that you don’t worry I won’t expose this truth. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 27th December 2016 written update. Shivaay asks who knew about this? She replies that nobody knew about this even though Tia is unaware from this truth. Mrs. Kapoor is trying to say something but she is using idioms. Shivaay tells her to come to the point fast. She says that you don’t waste time and takes divorce from Anika as soon as possible. Just throw her out as soon as possible and takes my daughter Tia at your home.

Ishqbaaz 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

All over I just want to say that my daughter Tia won’t stay happy there whenever Anika will present there. If you think that I am doing a blackmail. So you just think about this. Shivaay is getting shocked to hear this and says to Mrs. Kapoor to don’t spread this news yet I will not say anything to you. Here Priyanka is saying to Jhanvi and Pinky that I am going outside for an adventure trip. Jhanvi asks as I know you don’t like all these types of activities. Priyanka says that you always told me to go outside and goes outside. Now you are saying all this. Jhanvi says that ok you just go there and take care of yourself. Anika says to Priyanka that you will call us when you will reach there. Priyanka says ok. Here Shivaay is coming at home and asks Jhanvi that he want to talk something urgent. She asks what? He says that I want to see your passports. He sees their passports and says that I want to check the passport because I want to do something regarding the tax. Jhanvi laughs and says that I never understand tax proceedings. He asks Jhanvi that Tej was going outside in 1990. Jhanvi replies that yes I also went out with him and we got Omkara that time. Shivaay recalled everything what Mrs. Kapoor was saying to him. Everything is same. Suddenly, Dadi is coming back to the home and she gives tirupati prashad to all people. Anika asks about her journey. She says it was awesome. Shivaay asks where is OM and Ru. Dadi replies that, Om was going to his studio and Rudra was going for the match. Shivaay decides that he won’t get reveal this truth and he will always keep Omkara near to him at any cost.

Ishqbaaz 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Shivaay is coming in his room and he takes out the divorce papers. Anika is also coming there and asks him what happened? He shows divorce papers and says her to do signatures on these papers. Anika asks why? What happened? Why are you doing this? Shivaay says that I already told you before our marriage that I will give you divorce one day. Anika says yes but now instantly why? He says you just do signatures on these papers. Anika says If I won’t do signatures then? He replies that you are no one you say no to me. You have o do signatures on these papers. She snatches those papers and a song plays on ‘Ishq Me Adhura Sa, Ruh Me Hai Pura Sa, Dard Hai Ye Saari Umar Ka, Oh Jana.’ Anika is doing signatures on those papers and then throws them on Shivaay very badly. She is crying a lot and looks at Shivaay very painfully. Tia is coming there and congratulates Anika by saying that you are going out from this meaningless marriage. She says to Shivaay to do signatures fast and my manager is coming here to take these papers. Shivaay asks for the pen. Anika is giving a pen to him and crying a lot. Shivaay is thinking a lot before to do signatures on those papers. Finally, he do signatures on those papers and handover to Tia’s manager. Shivaay and Anika are looking into each other eyes.

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