Ishqbaaz 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra are talking to each other. Shivaay says to Omkara that if you want to save choti mom then you have only one way. Omkara asks what? Shivaay says that you have to marry Svetlana at any cost. But you will do this soon. Rudra and Omkara are getting shocked very badly. Omkara makes a call to Svetlana.

Shivaay is getting ready and then coming downstairs. Anika is spraying rose petals on the stairs for Shivaay. Both are looking at each other. But Mrs. Kapoor is looking very happy. She is having one paper also. When Shivaay is coming downstairs. Mrs. Kapoor says that I think you forgot something. Shivaay asks what? Mrs. Kapoor says that you have to do signatures your divorce papers from Anika and then marry to my daughter. Pinky says yes, Mrs. Kapoor is saying right. Rudra and Dadi are trying to stop Shivaay from doing all this.

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Shivaay asks for the pen. Anika looks on and she is having tears in her eyes. Shivaay is doing signatures on the papers. Anika is looking very upset. Pinky is getting so happy. She says today Tia will come at this home as daughter-in-law of this house and another side, divorce is almost get completed. Suddenly, Pandit ji is coming there. Pinky welcomes him and says that you may start your proceedings.

Ishqbaaz 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Pandit ji says that I want to wash my hands in gangajal. Pinky says ok you can come with me. Rudra says to Pinky that you will do something else and I will look after the pandit ji. Pinky says ok. Here Mrs. Kapoor brings Tia there but she is not looking happy. Mrs. Kapoor says her to bring a smile on her face because she is going to marry Shivaay soon and this is such a big plan which will be going to complete soon.

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Suddenly, Pinky is coming there and asks what happened? What is going on? Mrs. Kapoor says that we are no hiding anything from you. Actually, Tia is getting nervous before marriage and that’s why I am just saying all this. Pinky takes Tia in the mandap happily. Pinky sends Anika in Romi’s room to bring something., Anika goes there and Romi tells everything to her like Tia loves Robin and Robin is Dushyant The main thing is that Tia is having Robin’s baby. So you just stop this marriage. Here Tia and Shivaay are sitting together in a mandap. Anika comes there and stops everything. Pinky shouts and asks what happened?

Ishqbaaz 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Anika says that Tia is already married. She is married to Robin and Robin is a Dushyant. Even she is pregnant with Robin’s baby. Dadi and all people are getting shocked very badly. Pinky shouts and says that you have to from here right because you are trying to ruin my son’s life again. Dadi stops Pinky and says that we have to hear Anika’s words. Shivaay is sitting silent and hearing everything. Mrs. Kapoor says to Shivaay that as you know what will I do now? Suddenly, Omkara’s phone rings up. Shivaay stands up and throws Omkara’s phone in the fire. Pinky asks what happened? Anika says to Shivaay that you have no need to marry Tia. Shivaay shouts and says that you have to keep quite because I gave you a lot of chances but you always lost it. You just keep quite.

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Shivaay throws Anika out of his house very badly. But she is crying a lot and makes a request to Shivaay to please forgive her. But Shivaay is not ready to hear a single word. He says her to stay away from him and never show her face again to him. Finally, Shivaay closed the main door. Priyanka and Dadi are crying a lot but Pinky is looking so happy. After soem time, Anika stops cry and then smiles. She makes a call and says that everything is alright Khanna ji. Now it’s a time to solve all the problems now. She is using a word like,”Faila Hua Raaiya Sametne Ka Waqt Aagya.” Shivaay looks at Anika through Window and then he smiles to look at her. Anika can smile also.

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