Ishqbaaz 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Anika is crying a lot and asks Shivaay what happened? Can you please tell me about this U-Turn which you have taken sudden. Shivaay is looking at her. Anika says that I am going from here now and you have to tell me now before I will leave this home. Shivaay is standing their silent and not giving any reply to her. Anika is saying to him that if you don’t say anything by looking towards me then you will change your direction and looks somewhere else and please tell me the truth. Shivaay is getting shocked. Also Read: Ishqbaaz 28th December 2016 written update. Anika says to  Shivaay that when I thought that I started to understand you. Suddenly, you do something with me which makes me realize that I never understand you. Anika is coming in the hall room with Sahil. She is taking her bag and she is about to go outside. But Tia is coming in between and says her that sometimes Destiny becomes cruel with us. Yes, I am talking about you like whatever you are facing now. But don’t worry, I bring one see off gift for you. Anika takes the gift and then opens it. She gets a footwear inside it. Tia recalled her comment which Anika made over her before some days. Anika is looking towards her and then going from there. Soumya is coming there and calls Anika behind. She asks how will go? Anika looks backside and says that I am going my own self. Suddenly, Shivaay says her don’t show your more attitude.

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Ishqbaaz 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Anika is going outside and recalling all the words again and again. Suddenly, she comes to know that Shivaay was giving a hint to her not to go from here. She is inside and most of the people are getting so happy to see Anika there. Aika says I am not going to leave this house. Tia asks why? How will you stay here because you doesn’t have any relationship with this home. Tia asks how? Anika says that I did only signatures on the papers but it will proceed in coming six months. So that I will stay here in the home for next six months. Tia is getting shocked but Dadi and Soumya are getting so happy to see Anika there. Here Tia is making a call to her di and informs her about Anika that she didn’t leave this home and she is coming back to the home. Shwetana replies that what happened? She is nothing for us, she is just an aunt in our way. So you don’t worry. Tia says no di, she is such a big trouble for me. Shwetana and Romi are trying to make Tia understand about the situation. But Tia says that you people never understand me and that’s why I will handle her according to me. She cuts the call and then goes from there. Here Anika is going into her room with Shivaay. She asks Shivaay why are you doing this? He asks what? She replies that you were trying to stop me and look I am coming back here. He says are you mad, who I tried to stop you. Anika says really, you are such a cheap man. Suddenly, Dadi calls Anika and says her to get ready for the first rasoi ritual.

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Ishqbaaz 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Dadi says to Anika that I ordered some fresh fruits and vegetables for you. Soumya says I will help Anika di in this ritual. Dadi says that nobody will help her, she will do everything at her own. Anika is getting so happy. Tia hears everything and makes a plan to burn Anika in the kitchen. Suddenly, Shwetana and Romi are coming there. Tia is meeting them and asks what are you doing here? Shwetana and Romi are replying that we are coming here to stop you from doing anything wrong with Anika because it will ruin our major plan. After some time, Anika is searching utensils in the kitchen. She is getting nervous to think that what will she make today for all people that nobody will find out any mistake in her cooking. Soumya is coming there and asks what happened? Anika says I am tensed to think about the dish that what will she make? Soumya says shall I help you? Anika says no because Dadi said not to them.

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