Ishqbaaz 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which all the family members comes to know that Shivay was getting married to Anika instead of Tia. But nobody knew about this instead of Tia’s mother and Anika. That time, Anika wasn’t ready to marry Shivay but he convinced her to marry him at any cost. Apart from this, he convinced Tia’s mother to support them in this decision otherwise, he will expose her daughter very badly in  front of media. Click here for Ishqbaaz Written Updates.

Tia’s mother supported them at every moment and hence made their marriage happened. After this when all people comes to know about Shivay and Anika’s marriage. He asks Shivay was this decision right? Shivay says what would I say? Will I say Oberoi’s would be daughter-in-law ran away from the marriage? Stick prices would have fallen down very and our business will be getting into the loss.

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Shivay’s mother is trying to slap Anika but Shivay stops her by doing this. He says that I told her to sit there at a place of Tia. I was just trying to save my family reputation. Om’s father says to him that you were doing a good by saving that reputation of this family. But Om is not ready to accept this decision. He asks again and again that are you doing right.

Om’s father is saying to Om that you haven’t a business sense then how do you know what was wrong, what was right? Rudra is coming in between then says that why are you discussing a lot. Now the fact is Anika’s our new bhabhi and Shivay bhaiya got to married her. Finally, she is Shivay’s wife. Dadi says that it means Shivay took seven wedding rounds with Anika, he got married to Anika. Shivay filled sindoor in Anika’s maang.

Ishqbaaz 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Suddenly, Shivay got a call from Tia’s number. Om says him to take a call. He takes a call and someone told him to pay money to get Tia alive otherwise, I will kill her. He says that how I trust you that Tia is with you. On the other side, Tia says I am here Shivay baby, please save me. Shivay asks why are you doing this? Kidnapper says that you are responsible for unsuccessful business deals.

Suddenly, Shivay is going from there. Rudra and Om are coming behind him. Shivay, Rudra, and Om are going somewhere and pay some ransom. Apart from this, a man throws someone in the sack. Shivay shouts Tia. Click here for more Upcoming Hindi TV Serials 2016-17.  Rudra, Shivay, and Om are getting Tia back to Oberoi’s house and then all people are getting shocked to see Tia’s in a bad condition.

Ishqbaaz 2nd December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Anika is coming back to the home where her brother is asking a number of questions to her like who are you getting so late? Why are you wearing this bride type clothes? Why? Anika is crying a lot and hugs him so tightly. He asks what happened? Anika is crying only.

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