Ishqbaaz 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Here all the family members are coming on the dining table for the dinner. Rudra is getting curious to eat the food. But Dadi stops him by saying that Shivaay will taste the food first because Anika is Shivaay’s wife. Suddenly, Shivaay is coming there and asks what is in the food? Dadi replies that food is so tasty because Anika prepared today’s food. Shivaay is getting cough and says that Why will I taste it first? Dadi says that you are Anika’s husband, so you have to taste it first right now. Shivaay taste the food and then comes to know that food is not tasty. But he doesn’t say anything to anyone. Dadi asks how is food? Dadi says that Shivaay’s face shows that food is so tasty. Shivaay takes all the food and starts to eat that. He eats all the panner. Even though Rudra and Pinky are asking him to give food to them because they will also taste the food. But Shivaay is not giving food to anyone. Rudra says that I am your younger brother and after that you didn’t give me the food. Shivaay says that I will eat all the food according to me. Dadi says wow, Shivaay was always finding out mistakes in the food but today he is finishing all the food. Anika also taste the food and then comes to know that Shivaay is trying to save her from all family members because if family members will eat her food then, their tummies will be getting worst after to eat this worst food. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 31st December 2016 written update

Ishqbaaz 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Here Shivaay is coming back into his room and starts to find out the medicine for his stomach. Anika is coming there and scolds him by saying that why were you eating all the food? Shivaay says I was trying to save my family my your worst food, there was not any salt, nothing else. How dare you to prepared that food. Shivaay says why don’t you accept that you take care of me. Shivaay says no I take care of my family only. Here Tia is talking to her sister Shwetlana and Romi about Anika. They are trying to make Tia relax in Anika’s matter. But Tia is not ready to stop herself, she says that she will handle Anika according to her. After some time, Anika says that let me prepare a coffee for you. Shivaay says no, I will make coffee at my own because I know what type of coffee you will make. Anika says don’t worry, let me prepare. Shivaay says that I want Americaano. Anika says ok. She brings a coffee. Shivaay says her to taste this coffee first. Anika takes a sip and then throws her sip on Shivaay’s shirt. He stands normally. Anika asks why are you not shouting on me? Why? But he is no responding to her. Here Priyanka is playing very nicely. After some time, she is going to take her disc. But ACP is coming there. Pinku gets scared and asks what happened? What are you doing here? He replies that you are always trying to run away from me but I never live without to see your face. Suddenly, Priyanka’s friends are calling her. ACP says her to go now and I am here around you. Pinku is going from there. Here Tia hears Anika and  Shivaay’s conversation. She thinks she will ruin their romance very soon. After some time, Anika is coming outside from the room and here Tia is putting some oil there just to hurt Anika very badly. Anika is just coming near to an oil and here Tia is watching her by hiding herself behind the curtain. Suddenly, Soumya is coming there and takes Anika from there. Tia is getting upset by seeing that Anika is getting safe again.

Anika is doing work in the kitchen. Suddenly, a servant is coming there to inform Anika that Shivaay sir wants a tea. Anika says ok and she starts to prepare a tea. Here Shwetana, Romi, and Tia are watching her because they will be going to trap her in their evil plan. After some time, Tia prepares her tea and she starts to serve it. In between Tia, Shwetana, and Romi are coming there and puts a medicine in the tea. Anika takes one sip and then feels something different. After that, she is falling down very badly. Shwetana, Romi, and Tia are coming there and puts Anika in the freej. After this, they are running away from there.

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Ishqbaaz 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

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