Ishqbaaz 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Pinky is going back to the home with Shivaay. Anika sees Shivaay is going from there. She runs behind the car by calling Shivaay’s name. Pinky sees Anika there and then she comes back to talk to Anika. Unfortunately, Anika falls down on the road. Pinky comes out from her car and then says to Anika that you are sitting at your right place.

A road is a right place for you to lay down where are you already sitting now. Pinky is using some abusive words. Pinky says her to stay away from her son and never see near my son. Anika feels very bad and then cries a lot. After coming to the home. Pinky leaves Shivaay safely in his room. Jhanvi, Omkara, and Rudra are coming there. Omkara asks Pinky why you brought Shivaay at home? Pinky says that I have consulted a doctor and then I brought Shivaay here.

Ishqbaaz 31st January 2017 Written Update:

Rudra says that why didn’t you ask me? Pinky says oh really? How dare you think this? Omkara and Rudra are saying to Pinky that Shivaay wants Anika every time because he loves Anika bhabhi a lot. Pinky says I brought Shivaay at home just to keep him away from Anika and nothing else. Rudra says that you won’t separate Shivaay and Anika. Pinky says to Jhanvi to keep his son’s away from his son’s matter. Jhanvi stops Rudra and Om from interfering in Shivaay’s matter.

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Rudra and Omkara are saying that Shivaay bhaiya always supported us when we were in any trouble. But it’s our turn to do something for Shivaay’s bhaiya. Jhanvi scolds them and sends them out from there. Rudra and Om are going away from there. Pinky cries and says that I won’t let any problem come near to you. Later Anika is thinking about Shivaay and feels so much bad. She is missing Shivaay and cries a lot.

Suddenly, Shivaay gets up and then calls Anika’s name back to back. He thinks where is Anika? Rudra brings Shivaay here on the road where Anika is present. Shivaay comes out from the car and then takes Anika in his arms. He scolds Anika for not getting present in his room whenever he was getting wake up. Anika scolds Rudra for bringing Shivaay here in this bad condition.

Ishqbaaz 31st January 2017 Written Episode

Rudra says if I didn’t bring bhaiya here then he came here alone. He says to Anika to come with him right now. Anika says I won’t come with you because Pinky doesn’t want to see her inside the house. Later Pinky is coming in Shivaay’s room. Soumya is sitting here. Pinky asks what are you doing here? Soumya says I came here to see bhaiya but now he is sleeping here. Pinky says oh, he is sleeping yet. Now let me make him wake up because he will have to take medicine and food both. Pinky opens up the blanket. She gets Omkara there. Pinky gets angry. Here Shivaay says to Anika that I need you and you have to come with me right now. Anika says I am like a trouble in your life. So that I won’t come with you. Shivaay says that you have to come with me because you save me and my family from all troubles from last time.

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