Ishqbaaz 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Soumya holds Mangalsutra in her hand. She looks over it. Anika comes there. Soumya hides it. Anika asks what are you hiding? Anika gets shocked to see Mangalsutra in Soumya’s hand. Anika is asking her again and again that Is she ok? Soumya replies that she is alright and she is taking this manglasutra¬†only for her college drama. Anika says ok. She is coming in her room where Shivaay is talking with someone about Sonia Chadda. Anika goes to Shivaay’s room where she says that I have a doubt on Soumya and Rudra’s relationship. Anika says that we have to talk to Rudra. Shivaay says her that don’t you say anything again because I have investigated everything and find out that Sonia is a very good girl. So that let Rudra

Shivaay says her that don’t you say anything again because I have investigated everything and find out that Sonia is a very good girl. So that let Rudra to marry her. Anika says this is just a business deal and nothing else. Shivaay says that our family and business status are equal. These things are enough for this marriage. Here Tia is looking at them. She says to Romi to send Rudra’s marriage video to Anika now. Romi sends Rudra marriage video to Anika. But when she elaborates her answer, she gets a video message. She opens it and gets Soumya and Rudra’s marriage video. Anika shows this video to Shivaay. They are getting shocked to watch out this.

Ishqbaaz 3rd February 2017 Written Update:

Shivaay slaps Rudra very badly and asks him what is this? When you got married? What is this? Rudra is about top say something but Omkara stops him from saying anything because they are angry because Rudra hide all this from them. Here Anika is going to talk to Soumya. She tells everything to Anika that how they got married? They were running away from Romi on that day, they have reached to the community center where they got a drink and got married. Don’t know how?

Shivaay and Omkara are bringing Rudra in Soumya’s room. Shivaay asks Soumya about this marriage? Soumya is standing silent. Shivaay is asking Soumya about this marriage? Before Soumya, Rudra is saying everything to Shivaay that this marriage is not existing for them. Omkara says that we want to hear this from Soumya. Soumya says that if this marriage is not existing for him then this is right for me too. Shivaay says this topic is over now and we won’t discuss all this ever.

Here Jhanvi is coming to talk to Tej Singh and tells him everything about Rudra and Soumya’s marriage. Tej says that if Rudra is not taking this marriage serious then why are we thinking a lot? Jhanvi says they are children and we are their parents. So it’s our duty to handle them. Jhanvi says that you didn’t consider me as your wife in this life. But I won’t let it happen with my children. Tomorrow Chadda’s will come here for the Roka function.

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Next day when the function starts then Mr. Chadda says to Dadi that I want one picture with your grand sons. Dadi says ok. Later Mrs. Chadda is saying to Shivaay that I want to meet your wife and wants one picture too. Pinky hears this and brings Tia there. Tia welcomes there but Shivaay is not feeling good to see this. Rudra gets strike with Soumya and then says sorry. She replies you should be. Rudra asks what? Soumya says you got strike with me and that’s why you hurt me. So you have to say sorry to me.

Ishqbaaz 3rd February 2017 Written Episode

Here Mr. Surinder Chadda says to Tej Oberoi that let we start the Roka ceremony. Tej Singh Oberoi calls Rudra in front for this ceremony. Suddenly, Mr. Chadda gets a message. He says to Tej Oberoi to open the TV now. Tej Says to Rudra to open the TV. They are watching a news channel where a reporter is saying that Mr. Chadda’s daughter Sonia and Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi’s son Rudra will be going to engage soon. Thereafter, a channel shows a marriage clip of Rudra and Soumya. All people are getting shocked. Mr. Chadda says to Tej that you are trying to ruin my daughter’s life. This marriage is everything for me, even I am not comparing thiss deal with our business. But you are such a rude dad which is looking for business only not for your sons. Mr. Chadda threatens him by saying taht you have pay for this because I won’t leave you easily, I will take revenge from you. Tej gets angry. He is about to slap Rudra. But Shivaay stops him and says that you have no right to slap him because he is not your business deal which you have beaten every where. Shivaay says that I won’t let anyone to hurt my brother. Pinky asks Shivaay do you know about this? Shivaay says yes but I was trying hard to handle the situation. Tej Oberoi shouts and says that you leaked this news. Shivaay says no.

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