Ishqbaaz 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 3rd January 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Tia is on the bed with Shivaay. Suddenly, Anika is coming there and says to Tia to go out from her room right now because this is her room and Shivaay is only her husband. So that she is having no right to spend a single moment with her husband. Tia is getting angry and goes from there. Tia says that don’t you know about the manners that you are coming here without to knock at the door in other’s room. Anika says yes, manners are applying for another’s room not for my own room. This is my room and Shivaay is my husband. So you will go out or I will throw you out. Tia says that Shivaay will be going to give you divorce soon. Anika says that he will give divorce to me but still I am his wife,s o you have to go out from here now. Tia looking at her very badly. Anika stops her and says that I have something for you. Anika is giving those footwears to Tia which Tia gave her when she threw her out from Oberoi house. But today Anika is giving the same foot wears to her by saying that now you are going out from my room and my life. Finally, Tia is going from there. After this, Anika is closing the door. Shivaay says that why are you standing there? Please comes near to me and sits with me. Anika asks I will sit near to you. Why? Shivaay says as you already told to Tia that I am your husband, this is your room, and you have to spend time here. Shivaay says her to come closer to him because she is his wife. Anika gets shocked and thinks that why is he behaving like this. Finally, Shivaay catching Anika in his arms and then Anika feels shy. Shivaay says to her that I am seeing the first time that a lioness is shying like this. Anika is going from there. Shivaay is coming behind her. Click here-> Ishqbaaz  4th January 2017 Written Episode Update. Anika asks what are you doing this? Shivaay catches her from backside and says that you are looking beautiful while blushing. Both are looking into each other’s eyes. But Anika is blushing again. Shivaay says you are blushing again. Anika is running out from the room and comes in balcony.

Ishqbaaz 3rd January 2017 Written Update:

Anika feels something different in her heart. A song is playing on, ‘Ishq Hai Aasu, Ishq Dil Mein Sehmat Hai.’ Here Shivaay is also thinking that why is he behaving like this? What happened to him. Anika is looking behind but doesn’t get Shivaay there. Anika is getting fall in dreams and here Shivaay is also feeling the same. Here the strangers are watching the Priyanka’s private video. ACP is coming there and then beats them very badly. I the morning, Priyanka is waiting for someone. But she feels someone’s presence there. She is trying to find out and starts to walk. But someone is following her. Abhishek and his friends are coming there. They are catching Priyanka alone in the forest. She gets scared. But Abhishek says that yesterday I made your MMS and today I will make your full film. He catches Priyanka’s dupatta and throws it. ACP is coming there and catches her dupatta. Here Tia and Shwetlana are talking to each other. Tia says everything is ready here. Shwetlana is also saying the same. Anika hears her conversation and decides to find out what Tia is cooking. She decides to follow Tia and and catches her red handed. Here ACP is beating Abhishek and his friends very badly just to save Priyanka from them. After some time, he returns her dupatta and a song is playing on,’Tum Mere Ho, Sirf Mere Ho, Barisho Ke Paani Se, Pucho Nadiya Diwani se, Tum Mere Ho.’ He covers Priyanka’s head completely. Tia is talking to someone and says that Anika is also coming behind me and Shivaay is alone in his room. So that we have to take our first step of the plan.

Ishqbaaz 3rd January 2017 Written Episode:

Tia is coming towards Oberoi out-house. Anika is also coming behind her. Finally, Anika is coming inside the out-house and thinks where is Tia? Suddenly, Tia is coming there and says you are searching me. Anika say what are you doing here? What are you planning? What is going on in your mind? Tia says really, are you thinking that I will tell you my plan. Anika says that I know you doesn’t tell me anything but one thing, please don’t plan anything againt Oberoi family because they trust you very badly. They are ready to accept your illegal child. Tia laughs and says that  have so much in my life except Shivaay. So don’t force me to think about him. He is nothing for me. Anika asks don’t you do this for Shivaay? I mean you don’t love him. Tia says yes I don’t love him. He will aive or not, I don’t bother. Anika gets shocked.

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