Ishqbaaz 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 3rd March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay is showing one chip to Mrs. Kapoor. She gets shocked and asks Shivaay that how did you get this? Shivaay says that I know you were bidding at an injured horse. But now I am going to call Police and they will tell you that how got this chip. Tia is coming in front of all and says to Shivaay that I am so sorry for everything and I will do my best that Oberoi’s won’t face any problem from our side. In the last, Tia says to Shivaay that you have to stay with Anika for always because Universe wants to see you people, together. Tia is going from there with Mrs. Kapoor.

Dil Bole Oberoi 3rd March 2017

After this, Shivaay says thank you to Anika for supporting him at every step. Dadi appreciates her grand son’s by saying that I know you three are the stars of this house who never break this family at any cost. Shivaay and Anika are looking into each other’s eyes. All people are looking so happy to see Anika and Shivaay together. Pinky is getting angry to see Anika there.

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Ishqbaaz 3rd March Written Episode Update:

In the next day morning, Anika is eating an apple. Shivaay says that Khidki tod Anika is back here. How could you do this like you wake up late and then eats an apple without to wash it or cut it. Anika starts to pull his leg and shows a knife to him. She says that I get affected when you shows me your anger to me. He asks her that what kind of language you are using this time. Anika starts to play a game with a knife and break all the buttons of Shivaay’s shirt. His shirt is getting open. Shivaay feels embarrassing. Anika smiles. Jhanvi is coming there and informs her that mummy ji reached Amritsar. Even she will go to Darbar Saheb too. Anika says ok.

After some time, all people are coming in the hall room where Shivaay says that ACP Ranveer wants to marry Priyanka and he is a nice guy. Tej Singh is coming there and says that who are you to decide about my daughter? She is my daughter and I am here to take a decision for her. Jhanvi comes there and says to Tej Singh that Shivaay is Priyanka’s brother and he never thinks anything wrong about Priyanka.

Pinky and Shakti Singh are saying that we are not supporting Shivaay in this decision. Tej is also against him. Only Jhanvi and Rudra are supporting Shivaay in his decision. Tej Singh says that ACP Ranveer is not having a status like us then how will I give my Priyanka to him. Later Shivaay asks Priyanka that are you ready to marry ACP Ranveer? Priyanka says yes. Shivaay says that if Priyanka is ready then everything is fit and fine. Even Ranveer and his mother are coming today evening.

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Ishqbaaz 3rd March Written Episode Update:

In an evening time, Priyanka is getting ready. Jhanvi says to Anika to bring Priyanka down-stairs. But when Anika is coming in Priyanka’s room then she sees Priyanka while vomitting. Anika asks her that you didn’t tell me about your relationship with Ranveer. Priyanka says what I told you, if Shivaay bhaiya took a decison for me then it may be right for me. Anika says ok. Rudra comes there and says that Ranveer is coming with his mom.

Someone is walking inside Oberoi house. So that Pinky and Shakti are coming there. They are getting shocked to see her inside the Oberoi house. Let see guys who is that lady who will come to Oberoi Mansion? Who is make Pinky shocked very badly? Just hold your breath till the show won’t get telecast.

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