Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

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The serial starts with the scene in which Shivaay sees Anika there in the Oberoi Mansion and then asks who is she in my house? Omkara asks Shivaay that how did you bring this girl here? Shivaay says that she is my wife Tanya. Everyone gets shocked very badly. Shivaay asks who is she? She is such a mad girl and even she was following me in the temple very badly.

Shivaay asks Anika to go out from the house right now. Anika asks what? Suddenly, the press and media are coming there. They are asking Shivaay that who is she? Why were you getting married to each other? Shivaay says that I met with an accident before 15 days and then she came into my life. She took care of myself and then we fell in love with each other. Finally, we get married to each other.

Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

Now all family members are getting shocked to hear all of this. Pinky is saying to Shakti to call a doctor now because nobody has been changed in such a short period of time. My Shivaay is getting changed completely then what is the reason? So that’s why I have to call a Doctor here and then he will treat him. Anika says no, we don’t need any Doctor this time because I know very well that Shivaay is playing something like he gets stuck in a big plan.

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Omkara says that Shivaay is trying to change her nature because of some big plan just like Mr. Tej Singh Oberoi like how was she becoming a Peter. Anika says yes, I have to go to talk to Shivaay and asks him why is he doing all of this? Here Shivaay is saying to Tanya to take rest for some time and it’s her room. Anika is coming there and asks Shivaay that why is he doing all of this? Shivaay asks what? She asks him to stop his drama because it’s enough. Shivaay asks what? This is not any drama because she is my wife and this is my room.

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Anika is trying to talk to him but he is not saying anything to her. Anika is trying to get his secret or any plan but Shivaay is not ready to see her face. He says to Anika that you have to go out from my room because my wife Tanya will have to rest here for some time. Anika is getting hurt and then she is coming back to Omkara’s room. They are talking to each other about Shivaay’s condition. Omkara suggests her to give permission to him to call a Doctor here.

Ishqbaaz 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

Anika calls the Doctor and then comes to know that he is getting suffered by partial Amnesia. Anika asks Omkara that what is this? Omkara says to Anika that Shivaay lost his memory of last one year and that’s why does he forget you? Anika is getting shattered but she is not ready to believe on this matter. She says to Omkara that whatever the Doctor is saying for Shivaay but I am ready to take this seriously. Anika says that Shivaay’s eyes are saying that he knows me but he is getting stuck in so many problems. Anika say to Omkara that I have to talk to Shivaay now and asks him why is she doing this? Here Shivaay is hearing the conversation of Anika and Omkara. He thinks that he can do good acting in front of Anika just to make her believe that he forgot her. Here Shivaay is talking to Tanya and says her that I am doing as per your instructions but now  just want to know truth. Tanya says that I am not doing this according to me.

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