Ishqbaaz 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 4th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which fake Shivaay is coming back to his home where a lady is present (she is Kamini who played a role of Ranveer’s mother). She scolds fake Shivaay and asks why are you coming here? Why were you running from there only because of interview. He gets silent. But she scolds him very badly and says him to go back home right now. She calls him an illegal boy who took birth illegally. Fake Shivaay is getting angry and goes away from there.

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Ishqbaaz 4th April Written Episode Update:

Fake Shivaay is going away from there in a full tension. Here Anika is saying to Real Shivaay that Mahi was getting shattered very badly and he ran away. Even he was getting scared to see that video recording. Shivaay is catching Anika in his arms and says that you are awesome wife and you always supported me. Anika says that you are here, if the kidnappers will come to know about you then what will we do? Shivaay says that you don’t worry, everything will be getting alright.

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Real Shivaay attends an interview at a place of fake Shivaay. Later Ranveer is coming to meet Fake Shivaay and shows him that real Shivaay is still under kidnapping. Fake Shivaay says that if real Shivaay is under control then who have attended an interview at my place. Ranveer says that you don’t worry, we will find out the truth soon. Here Anika says that you are looking cute in a pink. Shivaay is getting mesmerized and says her to concentrate on fake Shivaay.

Ishqbaaz 4th April Written Episode Update:

Here Ranveer and Mahi are talking to each other. Mahi says it means there are three Shivaay. Third, one was giving an interview and one Shivaay is in your kidnapping. Ranveer says that you don’t worry, real Shivaay is under control and you will just go back to the Oberoi mansion now. Mahi says that I am going there but I don’t want to see Shivaay at home. Here Shivaay is making a plan against Mahi.  Later Anika is coming there by taking Shivaay’s night dress and coffee. After some time, Anika is coming in her room where Shivaay says her to bring her phone. Anika says Mahi is giving an order to him. She shouts at him. Anika cries. Shivaay hugs him and says that I am here not Mahi. 

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