Ishqbaaz 4th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 4th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which the Tej and Shivaay are shouting on each other by taking Rudra and Soumya’s marriage. Tej blames Shivaay that you have leaked out this video in media just to stop Rudra and Sonia’s roka ceremony. Shivaay says to Tej Oberoi that I didn’t do all this because I love my brother’s a lot and I never think to defame them in media. Even Rudra is also taking Shivaay’s side.

Suddenly, a phone rings up. Everybody looks on. Anika says it’s my mobile phone. Tej Singh claps and says that Anika leaked this video in media. Anika says I didn’t do anything. Really, please trust me. Pinky shouts at her very badly. Tej Singh blames Shivaay that you are firing a bullet by putting a gun on your wife’s shoulder. Even Tej Singh is saying to Shakti Oberoi that your son is so bad. He did all this to me.

Is this your son? Is their your nourishment? Shakti Oberoi is getting angry and says to Tej Singh that don’t you dare to say anything to my son because he never attacks from behind, he can attack anyne from the front side only. Pinky claps and says to Shakti that you are saying right. Shivaay is our son and he is a lion, he never attacks someone from behind.

Ishqbaaz 4th February 2017 Written Update:

Suddenly, a fire body is coming from another side and this is none another than Jhanvi. She fires herself and then runs outside. Suddenly, she falls down on the floor. Read more-> Ishqbaaz 6th February 2017 written update. Omkara is running towards Jhanvi just to save her. Shivaay is also coming there with blanket. They wraps Jhanvi in the blanket and calls Doctor at home.

Then, Doctor is coming at Oberoi Mansion and checks out Jhanvi. Priyanka is crying a lot. Anika is giving an emotional support to her. Dadi, Tej Singh, Shakti, and Pinky are talking to each other. Then, Doctor comes out. Shivaay asks him about Jhanvi. He replies that Jhanvi is out of danger but her wounds will take some time to get heal. She needs a complete emotional support to get alright soon.

Ishqbaaz 4th February 2017 Written Episode

Dadi cries and says that, I am shocked to see all this in my home. Even I never expect all this. My all famly members are in tension. Anika comes there and gives some papers to Shivaay by saying that she got these papers from Jhanvi aunty. Shivaay checks out and comes to know that Tej Singh Oberoi gave divorce to her. Everybody gets shocked. Omkara is catching Tej’s collar and asks him why he did this? Omkara says you gave a lot of pain and problems to my mother.

Omkara is getting out of control. Rudra is coming there to make them separate. Shivaay is also coming there. He hugs Rudra and Omkara by saying that you don’t worry, I will do everything alright. Shivaay and Tej Singh Oberoi are getting into the controversy. Shivaay says him that you are forcefully breaking this relationship with badi maa. Tej Singh says that it’s my life. So that I will play my own rules in my life. He added that you all people can accept that I and Jhanvi are getting separated now. Tej takes Svetlana with him. In between Omkara stops him and says that today my heart is converted into the stone from now.

After some time, Dadi is crying a lot and asks why all this happen to us? Why? Pinky says that only one person is responsible for this. The time when Anika was coming in the home, everything was getting ruined back to back. She again starts to blame Anika for everything. Shivaay comes there and stops her from saying anything to Anika. He says that if anybody will say anything to Anika then he/she will point me not Anika. Pinky starts to cry and says to Shivaay that if you won’t hear my words then I will take the step just like Jhanvi. Here Priyanka is crying a lot. Dadi and Anika are giving an emotional support to her.

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