Ishqbaaz 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Ishqbaaz 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Ishqbaaz. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

Anika is trying make him angry. She goes in the kitchen and wants to provoke him. She says that from now no one will make this type of food. She says from now we will use the Desi Ghee in the kitchen. She says today i will make the breakfast for everyone. Anika is thinking that Shivaay forgott each and everything after her absence. She decide that she will make him happy. She will give him all type of hapiness. Because he look good in his old Avtar. Omkara and Rudra is also upset to see the behaviour of Shivaay. But Shivaay says this is your house. So you can do each and everything.

Rudra and Bhavya comes to the Kitchen. Bhavya lift something with the help of hanky and says we have to send it to the Forensics lab. Anika says Bhavya you are behaving like a Police. Bhavya says no actually I am just trying. Shivaay go from there. Anika says to Rudra that this idea also get flop. Rudra and Bhavya are talkingwith each other. Pinki comes there. Rudra start talking about Shivaay and Anika in front of Pinki. He wants to make her jealous. Rudra says I think Shivaay loves Anika Bhabhi so much. He says that’s why he is not saying anything to her.

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Ishqbaaz 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

Rudra says now no one can seperate them. Pinki says to Anika that she can throw to her from this house. Anika says first of all you have to take the appointment then talk to me. Anika says this is my house. Rudra says to Bhavya that Anika Bhabhi changes the house. But nothing is happening to Shivaay Bhai. Anika is getting so much worry. She is thinking that how she will make him angry. Pinki is thinking that why Shivaay is not saying anything to Anika.

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Ishqbaaz 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update: Upcoming Story:

Anika ask Shivaay that are you sure you are not affected by anything. Shivaay says yes. Anika says I know you get affected but you are not showing to anyone. Shivaay says I don’t care. He is going from there. Anika says Shivaay. She has the water Jug in her hand. She throw the water on his face. But nothing happened to Shivaay. He doesn’t give any reaction. Anika is going to fall in the water Pool. But Shivaay hold the hand of her.

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