Ishqbaaz 4th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 4th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which a lady is coming in Oberoi mansion. She is looking so stunning. Tej Singh Oberoi and Shakti Singh Oberoi are looking at her shockingly. Both are getting mesmerized to see her beauty. ACP Ranveer is also coming there. That lady says to Shakti that we are meeting now after a long time and still you are looking very handsome. Pinky asks Shakti that who is she? Shakti replies that she is Kamini.

Pinky calls her kamini. But Kaamini laughs and says that I am coming from Ranveer’s side. Kaamini’s saree dupatta is falling down. Pinky says her to handle your dupatta now and you have to stay away from my husband now. Kamini laughs. Here Shivaay is going outside for some work. Anika makes him a call and asks him to come soon. Shivaay says I am busy somewhere and will come back soon.

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Ishqbaaz 4th March Written Episode Update:

Kamini sits with Jhanvi, Tej Singh Oberoi, Shakti, and Pinky are sitting with her. Actually, Kamini, Shakti, and Tej are recalling their college memories. Actually, Kamini is Shakti’s college time girlfriend. Pinky is getting jealous and says them to stop this matter right now. Jhanvi says let me call Priyanka here. Anika comes there with water. Kamini asks who is she? Jhanvi says she is daughter-in-law of Shakti. Kamini looks ok. Tej laughs.

Kamini says that I am coming here with all arrangements. Today I will do Roka ceremony. Shall we start? Tej says that I think it’s so fast. We have to sit and talks for some time. Thereafter, we will think about this function. Kamini says that no we have to do Roka now. Anika says that I have to call Shivaay here because without Shivaay, this function won’t get start. Kamini says her to make a call now.

Sahil is coming back to the Oberoi mansion. Anika gets so happy to see Sahil in front of her. The lady (Ranveer’s mother) is coming there. She says to Anika to take Sahil inside because it’s abshagun when any handicapped person is present in any auspicious occasion. Anika gets shocked to hear her words. Even she try to give her an answer-back but she keeps quite only for Priyanka’s happiness.

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Ishqbaaz 4th March Written Episode Update:

Kamini is creating a very big drama by saying about Sahil. She says that we have to throw Sahil out from the house because his presence is not good for this function. Kamini stands up and throws Sahil on the floor. Anika says to Kanini that you are saying wrong because Sahil is my brother. But as you came here for Priyanka’s marriage matter. So that’s why I can’t say anything more to you. Kamini gets shattered. She shouts very badly and says that I am coming here for my ACP son’s marriage purpose. But now I don’t want to talk anymore with anyone here. I ma just going from here. Tej says to Anika to say sorry to Kamini now. Anika says sorry to her. Jhanvi says to Kamini that Anika was saying right that you were doing bad behavior with Sahil. That was wrong but it’s ok. We don’t mind it any more. Kamini gets angry and says that I am going from here. Priyanka gets angry and says that if you want to go from here then you go because I don’t get such type of relationship. Suddenly, Shivaay is coming there and asks what happened? Tej singh replies that if I can say in Pinky’s words then Anika did oh mai mata of Kamini. Kamini says that Anika threw me and then I got injured. But now she is not ready to say sorry to me. Shivaay says to Anika that you have to say sorry to Kamini ji because this is my sister’s marriage question. Priyanka says that I don’t want this relationship and let them go from here. Shivaay and all family members are getting shocked very badly.

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