Ishqbaaz 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Anika is not getting ready to come home with Shivay and Dadi. But Dadi is saying a lot and then pleads her to come to the home. Dadi says to Shivaay and Anika that you people will stay together then stay, if you people won’t live together then you won’t. But till then you are together, you have to stay together at any cost.

Anika says that I will never carry out this relationship because I never forget that moment when Shivaay blackmailed me by saying that he will kill my brother Sahil. Dadi says that now I want to see you people together. I just want to do respect of this sindoor, mangalsutra, and this marriage. I never want to see disrespect of this pure relationship.

Shivaay says to her to please come with him now. Here Om is trying to make his sister understand that we have to think about our future and nothing else. Om says her to look forward Piku instead to look behind. She thinks that how will she forget that, the lady was Randhava’s sister and nobody else.

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After to hear their requests, Anika is coming back to the Oberoi’s mansion where all people are getting busy in the reception arrangements of Shivaay. Shivaay is giving one dress to her to wear in the reception function. He says dadi was giving this dress for her. She takes that dress and gets ready to wear it. Shivaay says to Sahil that it’s a gift for you which was given by dadi to you.

Sahil says ok put it here. Shivaay says it’s your values when someone is giving a gift to you then you are saying like this. It’s not any rules. He says you are bagadbilla. Shivaay asks what? He says that yes you are, your eyes are like bagadbilla. Here Rudra is looking tensed to think about Shivaay, Anika, and Tia. Rudra says  raita fail gya, this is in Anika’s di’s language.

Ishqbaaz 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update:

Here Dadi is talking to Priyanka, OM, and Rudra about Anika and Shivaay. Dadi is trying to make them understand about the mental condition of Shivay, Anika, and all other family members. Here Tia is trying to do an emotional blackmail’s Shivaay and trying to make him ready to accept her now because this universe is considering Tia as his wife. So if he want then he will change his decision too.

Shivay, Anika, and all other people are getting ready for the reception function. All the press and other newspaper reporters are coming there. Dadi is giving her best wishes to Anika and try to overcome her fear. Rudra is also coming there and tells Anika to get relax because nothing is big here ok. Anika says ok.

Suddenly, the Shivaay is coming there and he is ready to announce his wife name. Shivaay introduces his wife Tia Singh Oberoi to all press and media. Anika is coming there by wearing a green saree in which she is looking queen.  She gets shocked when Tia is going and stands at Shivaay’s side. She feels so guilty. Tia is getting ready like a bride and giving so confident looks. Rudra, Om, and all other people are getting so happy. Click here-> Ishqbaaz 3rd December 2016 written update

Ishqbaaz 5th December 2016 Written Episode:

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Tia is going in front of all people and catches Shivaay’s hand. She says to all that Shivaay baby is my prince charming and he can give me lots of love every time. As every girl is a princess of her dad but every princess gets a prince charming in her life is not possible. But I got my Prince charming in Shivaay’s form. He took my hand as his wife and we are standing her as a couple.

After to hear all this, Anika is going from there. Tia is coming there and strike with her. She says to Anika that I am feeling pain into my foot. So you have to bring a medicine for me now. Anika is looking at her. She asks why are you looking at me every time. She is commenting on Anika very badly.

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